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State of Mind DVD review

The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. What it doesn’t say is that learning the truth can sometimes be very hard to take, but freedom is worth it. There is a new DVD titled STATE OF MIND, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CONTROL. It is the type of video that is hard to watch because the truth it reveals is so disturbing. But it is also the type of rare video that comes along which really empowers you. The information in this video is transformational. How the globalist elites are brainwashing the world is spelt out clearly. It has credible research which is well explained. This is not some conspiracy theory but deep politics. It’s the type of video that you want to look at in one sitting. And even if you already understand how the NWO is mind controlling the world, you’ll still learn new things. It’s perfect for introducing these topics to someone who’s new to deep politics because it breaks the information down into easy to understand chunks. It’s highly authoritative and very watchable. The thought criminals at Thought Crime Radio have seen it and strongly recommend it. It’s produced by FREE MIND FILMS. It’s website is STATEOFMIND.COM