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deprograming mind control

There are many different types and levels of mind control and many people who have been subject to them. Some people don’t even know that they’ve been subject to mind control. Some people do suspect that they have been, but don’t know what to do about it. There is a technique that can act as a subtle treatment for mind control victims. It doesn’t require a therapist and it doesn’t trigger the suicide response that some mind control victims have been implanted with to prevent them from seeking therapy. It was explained to me years ago by an expert. It involves using journaling in a structured way. All you need is a pen and notebook and the will to heal yourself. In the evening, everyday, you will make a journal entry. First you write down your full legal name and the day’s date. Then you write down one clear memory from that day. You do this everyday and you periodically review the notebook. All forms of mind control use memory as their means of manipulation. Memories involving pain and unconsciousness are combined with commands to create alternate personalities. The natural ego state of the individual is warped or divided using such methods. But memory is always the key. By using the daily journaling technique and always putting your name and the date above the journal entry you begin to take back a small level of control over your memory. This is a subtle technique that works over time. But it does work. I’ve used it and so have others and always with success. It is not a dramatic deprogramming technique but a slow method that yields positive results over time. If you’ve been subject to mind-control, you should know that you can take back your life one day at a time. Even if you’re not certain that you’ve been subject to mind-control, I give you permission to try this. Always know that it is possible to heal.