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May Day 2013

On this day in 1776 the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt. Now its doctrine has spread throughout the world and is the dominant political factor in this world. The average slave doesn’t understand this, but the elites most definitely do. It may seem that the rule of the Illuminati New World Order is unavoidable and all resistance will be crushed. There is an old mythological story, however, that gives me inspiration. Saturn is a symbol for the present Illuminati leadership. Saturn = Satan = Black Cube. According to the old myth Saturn was a god that ate his children. This practice of child sacrifice made Saturn feared and from this fear he took power. But then Prince Jupiter came along, and survived his father. Jupiter was not controlled by fear. He lead the revolt against Saturn who was removed forever from power. Then Jupiter and his followers liberated the world and the Heavens. There Jupiter ruled with wisdom. I believe Stanley Kubrick, who made the movie 2001, had this mythological symbol in mind when he had his movie end with the star child being born in Jupiter space rather than in Saturn space as the satanist Arthur C. Clarke intended. Consider this, oh you who are wise. If the U.S. economy falls, the American Military Industrial Complex falls. Those of the American military will not find a place in the New World Order as promised because the old god Saturn is a liar and will always betray his followers and murder his own children. If the American military falls then the state of Israel will fall and the Jewish people will be wiped out. If you are in the Illuminati’s New World Order, you need the truthers more than we need you. Jupiter is not afraid of Saturn and in the end, one way or another, Jupiter will win. Happy May Day folks. I’m probably not going to do the thoughtcrime thing anymore fyi those who are paying attention.  If anyone cares about my final word, I put a video on Youtube that can be found by doing a search with the words “illuminati doctrine political”