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Mushroom Clouds = No Amnesty

A good bee keeper has a symbiotic relationship with the bees. He establishes and maintains the hive and takes the excess honey produced. Ancient Luciferian rulers, such as those of Egypt, saw themselves as being like good bee keepers. They established and maintained agricultural societies and took the excess wealth for themselves. Contemporary Illuminati leaders compare themselves to ancient Egyptian royalty, but they are not the same. Representatives for the globalist oligarchy now say “It’s easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.” These are the comments of cowardly thugs not royalty. There is no royalty in this new age. The inbred generational billionaires who make up the globalist Illuminati oligarchy falsely believe that they are invulnerable. And many insiders who know of their existence are really afraid of them. The ritual child sacrifices intimidate many. The fact that the Illuminati have acquired WMDs in the post cold-war era is also threatening. And some otherwise decent and brave individuals have allowed themselves to be controlled by their Illuminati masters because of these fears: fear for their family–fear of seeing a mushroom cloud over a US city as part of a false flag op. But the truth is that once you understand what the Illuminati end game really is–you come to know that you must put aside such fears and do what is necessary to defeat the Illuminati. The Illuminati endgame is worse than even the destruction of several cities in the US or Europe. There will be no utopian society created by Luciferianism, what the  Illuminati really plan is to depopulate the world–cruelly killing billions. Those who survive this end-time agenda would be subjected to surgical mutilation and brutal brainwashing. All of the high ranking  Illuminati members have acquired power through betrayal, and all intend to eventually betray each other–even thou they presently pretend to be friends with one another. When the time is right, the wealthy aristocrats intend to betray even their most loyal servants. It is mathematically predictable that at some point even those now loyal to the globalist NWO will turn against it–resulting in chaotic violence. But there is another way. There is a way out, even for the members of the Illuminati. Think of how amnesty has worked out in South Africa and other places. Even after the 9/11 false flag and the economic rip offs, the idea of amnesty for the guilty could be sold to the people. What the people want is a restoration of representative government and economic security. The truth is that if you’re a really intelligent leader, it’s easier to control a million people than to kill them. But you would have to have more compassion and intelligence than the present time rulers of this secret world government. Voter qualification and a panopticon for politicians can make democratic government workable and stable. Parent qualification can regulate population size. Socio-political tools exist now to construct a better world for all people. It’s only the bloated egos of those born into power that keeps a rational international government from emerging spontaneously from the complex system that is humanity. If you are in the Illuminati or serve them, you may have done criminal things which you fear that, if revealed, could never be forgiven by the public. But the public has been willingly ignorant of 9/11 and a lot of other things. In forgiving themselves for such willful ignorance, the public would be psychologically receptive to forgiving their former leaders. An amnesty plan is still possible if you able to reject the old NWO plan and accept a more rational one–if you are willing to restore democracy and economic health for the middle class. If you are willing to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, legal amnesty is still possible. Even spiritual forgiveness is possible. But if WMDs are used, all bets are off. The eventual result of using them will be a bloody revolution of absolute revenge. Then there will be no forgiveness of any kind. If you are wise enough to understand me, realize that you now stand at the crossroads.