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agent provocateur vs. non-violence

An agent provocateur is someone hired to infiltrate a legal and non-violent movement with the intention of undermining it. He advocates violence or criminal activity and this then justifies the police or military to come in and suppress the movement. Always distrust anyone who promotes violence. Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati Doctrine in 1776 promoted the use of agent provocateurs as a method of eliminating resistance. Violence can’t be used to overthrow the New World Order. They control the weapons of mass destruction. You’re not going to defeat nuclear weapons with handguns. You may need your firearms to defend your family during the coming riots when the breakdown comes. But advocating violent revolution is not practical. Non-violent action however can still create change. Using the spread of truthful information to awaken minds is necessary. Using non-violent confrontation to awaken consciousness is also good. Informed people who survive the coming collapse of society will be the ones who rebuild it.

May Day 2013

On this day in 1776 the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt. Now its doctrine has spread throughout the world and is the dominant political factor in this world. The average slave doesn’t understand this, but the elites most definitely do. It may seem that the rule of the Illuminati New World Order is unavoidable and all resistance will be crushed. There is an old mythological story, however, that gives me inspiration. Saturn is a symbol for the present Illuminati leadership. Saturn = Satan = Black Cube. According to the old myth Saturn was a god that ate his children. This practice of child sacrifice made Saturn feared and from this fear he took power. But then Prince Jupiter came along, and survived his father. Jupiter was not controlled by fear. He lead the revolt against Saturn who was removed forever from power. Then Jupiter and his followers liberated the world and the Heavens. There Jupiter ruled with wisdom. I believe Stanley Kubrick, who made the movie 2001, had this mythological symbol in mind when he had his movie end with the star child being born in Jupiter space rather than in Saturn space as the satanist Arthur C. Clarke intended. Consider this, oh you who are wise. If the U.S. economy falls, the American Military Industrial Complex falls. Those of the American military will not find a place in the New World Order as promised because the old god Saturn is a liar and will always betray his followers and murder his own children. If the American military falls then the state of Israel will fall and the Jewish people will be wiped out. If you are in the Illuminati’s New World Order, you need the truthers more than we need you. Jupiter is not afraid of Saturn and in the end, one way or another, Jupiter will win. Happy May Day folks. I’m probably not going to do the thoughtcrime thing anymore fyi those who are paying attention.  If anyone cares about my final word, I put a video on Youtube that can be found by doing a search with the words “illuminati doctrine political”

What we truthers fight for

If you are a truther then truth is not just a goal but also a weapon to achieve a greater goal. I believe that what we are fighting for is the return of a legitimate democracy in America and elsewhere. On April 9th I posted an article here on this website saying that later on this month there would be bloody false flag operations. I prayed for the victims of these false flag operations on the 9th of April and on the 15th when the bombs went off I felt sad for the victims but I was not afraid because I was not surprised. The founders of this country had certain values that are worth considering. They believed in the dream of democracy before they had ever experienced it and they proved that democracy can be made to work. They had moral values from Christian-Judaic spirituality. They had secular values of enlightenment from pre-Illuminati Freemasonry. These three things were the basis of everything good that the Founders of this nation did. I remember as a child attending the Boston marathon once when a relative was running and I stood near the finish line as the runners crossed it. This bombing felt personal–it was an attack on me and every American by the Illuminati New World Order Global Plutocracy. I’ve known about this secret society of Satanism since my childhood. I’ve probably thought about this longer and deeper than most people. I put a video out on Youtube that describes a general strategy for fighting the Illuminati. To see it do a search on Youtube with these terms “Illuminati Doctrine Political Kerth.” You’ll see my face when the screen pops up. Remember that your prayers are powerful. KERTH

Was Boston bombing a terror attack or a false flag?!!!

The bomb that went off today at the end of the Boston Marathon was placed there by someone who was very knowable of how the media works and knew that cameras would catch the explosion. A few days ago on Apr. 9th I posted an article here on thoughtcrime radio explaining how as we approached the date of Apr. 19th there would likely be false flag events staged to look like terror attacks. Unfortunately my prediction is coming true. The media hasn’t yet announced who they are going to blame for the bombings today, but the people who are really behind these bombings were undoubtably trained by and work for those who are now in power in the global New World Order government. These false flag events place the public in continual fear and give the government ever more power. You don’t have to be precognitive to predict them anymore. I pray to God everyday for the victims of the Global government’s false flag campaign. These events will continue to take place until the public wakes up to the truth that it isn’t small bands of terrorists but the Illuminati that is behind this violence. I have a video on Youtube that explains more. You can find it by doing a Youtube search of these words “Illuminati Doctrine Political thought crime radio”

expect blood & fire false flag Apr. 19 to May 1st 2013

In Satanism, the 13 days between Apr. 19th to May 1st are ritualistically important. The publicly witnessed Satanic slaughter of the children at the Waco compound and OK City false flag bombing both took place on Apr. 19th for a reason. Remember May 1st,, 1776 was the date upon which the Illuminati was founded. (See my video on Youtube by doing a search “Illuminati Doctrine Political”) The number 13 is important in Luciferianism for a number of reasons. Lunar cycles and so forth. So the year 2013 is particularly important for the May Day Satanic rituals. Expect much blood and fire and perhaps a high body count. They’ll want to kill children in large numbers I should expect. In the wake of the bloody false flag operation they’ll blame some other groups, terrorists of some kind, and take away even more human rights from us. They may crack down on dissidents. To be forewarned is to be prepared. Good luck. Pray for the victims. Know that I will.

disciples of deus and international government

Some time ago I was contacted by a group of computer programers who claimed to be a part of a secretive movement to create a just international government. I couldn’t be certain of all they told me, but they had some interesting ideas that I’ve decided to share. They claimed that their actions are based on advanced computer analysis–using concepts from chaos, complexity and games theories. The idea I liked most was to tax Wall Street. This was not a generalized tax on all Wall Street transactions, but only those not likely to generate inflation. If you tax corn futures, for example, the price of corn will rise. But certain other derivatives are really more like expensive lottery tickets, and if you tax them, inflation will not be affected–but huge income can be generated. That income is to go directly and only into building up infrastructure on the level of State governments. This will create jobs everywhere and end the recession. This Wall Street tax would not stop the global economic collapse, but make it possible for USA to survive it. With the collapse apparent, a predictable emergent cabal of patriots is formed. We force 911 truth through the mass media to justify regime change. The military is used then to nullify all debts on a worldwide basis–all debts–USA natl. debt, personal debts, all debts everywhere. Start at square one. The Fed is eliminated. All currency is printed only by USA government in USA. Same for other democracies around the world. Fractional Reserve Banking is not allowed ever again anywhere in the world. If any other nation allows it they are eliminated immediately. All unnecessary government agencies and personal are let go. Corruption within the government is dealt with by the Reversed Panopticon. Instead of the government watching the people, the people watch the government. Anyone in this new government will assume they are being watched at all times. Regular mandatory lie detection tests for all government officials, elected or otherwise.

Peter the Roman and the Vatican Bank Scandal

Pope Francis seems like a nice guy, in spite of Jesuit conspiracy theory, the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world are probably glad to have him. But you don’t need precognition from the Book of Revelations or the Prophecy of the Popes to know that Peter the Roman will be the last King of the Vatican City State. When the Vatican Bank goes so will the Vatican City State. The Vatican Bank with its billions of dollars in assets can’t compete with giants like JP Morgan Chase with their trillions of dollars. When the global meltdown comes as planned, the Vatican Bank will be crushed. Although they don’t help, the Vatican bankers won’t be done in by the scandals such as the Mafia connection, the money laundering or the sex-scandal payoffs. It will be the Satanic NWO that delivers the final blow. Catholicism in some form will survive, but the central authority of the Vatican won’t.

Gulf of Tonkin & Jim Morrison of the Doors

There’s a famous photo of Jim Morrison on the bridge of the USS Bon Homme Richard in Jan. 1964 with his father Rear Admiral George S. Morrison. In the photo Jim looks clean cut and sober. A few months later on Aug. 4th, 1964 his father oversaw the false flag operation of the 2nd Gulf of Tonkin incident, the one that Pres. Johnson used as a pretext to start the war in Vietnam. Shortly after that Jim Morrison began his descendent into drugs & Rock and Roll. “Father, I want to kill you” were his famous lyrics. Also the Doors song, Unknown Soldier is very telling. The official Doors video is prophetic. On July 3rd, 1971, Rear Admiral Morrison attended the decommission ceremony for the USS Bon Homme Richard while Jim Morrison deliberately overdosed on Heroin in Paris–killing himself. Oliver Stone forgot to tell this part of the story in his movie. The problem of being born in an Illuminati family is that if you have any morals at all–it just kills you.