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Jacob Rothschild – “Equality” is the End Game

“You see Henry you proceed to attack us based on the old and outmoded method of arguing which is with facts and reasons. That is not the way things are done anymore.

“People generally like to pretend and generally will believe anything they see most other people believing in or else they simply do what they are led to do by the media and what we want. If someone like you goes against their interests and beliefs, they are likely to discount what you say and completely shut it out of their minds.”

Are these really the words of Jacob Rothschild? There is more of this “message” to be read after this excerpt, if you follow the link. Read and decide for yourself… Is this possibly true? It kinda sounds congruous with what we know already. Read more…

“In your efforts to protect your old and failing civilization we are dismantling, we find these means necessary. If people will allow such vaccines to invade their own bodies and their children’s in order to comply and to be the same or “equal” to “everyone” else they most certainly will not object to or oppose their wealth, use of resources and life styles being equalized as well.”

“Everyone must do the same. In all communist nations we have fostered, it is customary that for “equality” for the desired and planned “levelling” in this new order, in order for people to have the same in their needs and wants, everyone has to be psychologically trained to obey the same commands”

“The universal vaccine programs not only open the door for behavior control through gene modification and enhancement, but more importantly for the present operation – psychological behaviour control with the vaccines is even more fundamental. Regardless of whether or not the vaccines are unnecessary and useless regarding the virus, or even harmful for many, they are the most uniform and concerted psychological weapon ever devised to control human behaviour.”

This missive from “Jacob R” was written in reply to this article which appeared at

In it, he confirms that covid is a hoax, but claims it is necessary to re-engineer humanity in order to address the problems we supposedly face.

“We see a future world without enough to go around, and therefore we must learn first to control it and then to share what is there as we deem most advantageous to those whom we choose. That is what power is for.”

The NWO requires “a material levelling for equality and a radical reduction of the population of the world.”…

“That is what power is for.” ?

Luciferians have quite a distorted view of the world. They don’t think in terms of using their “power” to lovingly tend this beautiful worldwide garden and kindly support Earth’s inhabitants, nurturing their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Rather, they think in terms of destroying world by raping its resources and oppressing the people of the planet.

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Moderna Patent Uncovers Nanocensor in Bioweapon

When something is SO important that they work extra hard to enroll and force people to bow to their wishes, you know it has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with their age-old goal of world domination.

Yes, folks, there really are people who imagine that would be a fun “end game” – to rule the world and oppress its inhabitants. See Kerth Barker’s books. They told him of their plans decades ago.

It is obvious that something is awry with this cv campaign. Apparently they want to “chip” us all – and the vx is the means they have chosen to do just that. Shades of “1984”. Thoughts of David Rockefeller… grrrrr! – and shudder!

Dr. Ariyana Love returns to the Stew Peters Show to expose her findings in the Moderna Vaccine patents, confirming the La Quinta graphine oxide study and the Globalist’s plan to install nano-censors in every human body that they can.

See video at

UFOs have been blocking ICBMs for over 50 years

Some say that disabling nuclear warheads is enemy activity, but others say the UFOs are here to save us from destroying ourselves… Or should I say, to save us from the nefarious plans of the Ill-Dark-And-Naughty ones who are determined to destroy us and this beautiful little planet?

It’s a pity to think of how many people have been marginalized and demonized because they dared to be honest about their encounters with other worldly beings.

A Declaration for ReFounding America Now – Peter Breggin

A Declaration
ReFounding America Now

November 11, 2021
Peter R. Breggin MD
Ginger R. Breggin
Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH
Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD
Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD

Resolved: As the United States government increases its coercive push to give experimental, dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines” to our nation’s children, it becomes more necessary and urgent for all citizens to resist now, before our children and future generations are unnecessarily put at further drastic risk of harm.[1]


Human beings throughout the world are suffering under oppression by a supranational hierarchy of elite predators, whose organized and carefully planned goals are actively stealing national governments from their citizens, sucking the life out of Western democracies, and obliterating individual liberties. Since at least as early as 2010, the global predators have been developing and implementing their master plan to crush us with pandemic terror and COVID-19 “public health” policies and now they are renewing global warming as an additional threat to make us obedient and submissive. These global predators are empowering themselves to govern, reshape, cull, and consume humanity.

It is inescapably clear that the current worldwide systematic oppression is a highly organized and thus-far successful effort to dominate, transform, and exploit humanity. Our basic analysis is provided in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, written by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin, with guidance and written introductions by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD. We document our findings and conclusions in great detail in more than 600 pages with more than 1,000 citations. All the apparent confusion, contradictions, and inexplicable abuses inflicted upon us become clarified by facing a dreadful fact: it has all been planned this way. The goals of the global predators are to seize our wealth, to demoralize us, and to prevent our patriotism and love of freedom from blocking their future plans for the world.

The global predators have become enormously powerful by riding on the wave of modern technology and communications. Never before have there been so many wealthy and influential individuals and institutions who lust for endless wealth, personal glory, and power. Never before have they so easily been able to plan and plot together, threatening the existence of individual freedoms and democratic republics throughout the world. Never before have there been so many written publications, videos, news reports, and other evidence to document who they are and what their goals are.

The global predators include many multi-billionaires, but also government health agencies, deep state bureaucracies, giant philanthropic foundations, and international corporations, from fast food and sporting goods companies to big-box franchises, tech companies, and banks. These individuals and entities devalue patriotism, lack an appreciation of constitutional democracy and individual freedoms, and lack higher ideals or spiritual values superior to themselves. In a very sinister game, they look down on the world as their playground and us as their toys.

Some global predators pretend to be idealistic progressives and others pretend they are inspired capitalists. Many globalists, from Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab to China’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden and his handlers, remarkably insist that they are both progressive and capitalistic. They claim to be all things to all people. In reality, they are devoid of genuine ideals and concerns for humanity. They are united in being predators and in holding the remainder of us in utter contempt. Many favor “population control” and transhumanism. Many have written and spoken about how they want to reduce us in number while using myriad technologies to seize and maintain control over those of us who survive.

Who Are the Global Predators? Continue reading A Declaration for ReFounding America Now – Peter Breggin

Fauci Has Been Doing This Sort of Thing For A Very Long Time

Why aren’t more people crying out for justice?  Are we really that far gone as a nation?  This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s puppy torture scandal has blown wide open.  We now know for a fact that Fauci approved and funded “experiments” that cost millions upon millions of dollars in which countless beagle puppies and other animals were ruthlessly tortured in some of the most inhumane ways imaginable.  Anyone that has any morality at all should be deeply sickened by this.  But most of the country seems to think that it really isn’t that big of a deal.  In this article, I am going to share even more shocking things that have come out in recent days, and most Americans probably won’t care about them either.  In fact, Fauci could be sacrificing children to Satan on the White House lawn and many Americans would still probably fully support him.

I am particularly disappointed in those on the left that claim to still have some integrity.

Aren’t liberals supposed to be against animal cruelty?…

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INTERESTING – Canadian Nurse Exposes the Latest Covid Scam – Dr. Trozzi

A new way to count (or not count) vx deaths… I’d love to know who gives these orders… the very source of these orders. “Transparency in all things.”

…what is their latest deception strategy? They want to cover up the injuries and death resulting from their forced injections, and they want to demonize those of us, who despite their medical apartheid, still refuse to be injected. They are using their old standard trick:  making up definitions. Reports coming to us from USA, Canada, and other countries all tell this tale. The criminal covid enterprise has their accomplices throughout healthcare defining people as “unvaccinated” until weeks after their second injections. This means for instance that when someone has a heart attack three days after the injection, , it’s “not an adverse event” because they are “unvaxxed”.  It also means that when someone comes in with micro clotting throughout their lungs from the toxic spike proteins , which can resemble  severe covid, they can call it a case of “covid” in an “unvaxxed” patient. This supports the lie that covid is now a disease of the “unvaxxed”.

We very much appreciate this testimonial which was sent to us. It tells the very recent experience of a Canadian nurse. The author’s analysis is spot-on correct! We are keeping the writer and nurse’s identities anonymous to protect them. Here it is:

“So, I have mentioned on here multiple times that my wife’s a nurse at a hospital. Last night she worked an extra shift in the Emergency Room (not her regular department).

She found out, how “they” are getting away with claiming there’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

While dealing with a patient who came in exhibiting symptoms of myocarditis, a FT Emergency Room nurse conveyed some very interesting information to my wife. Apparently, all patients are asked whether or not they received the #CV19 vax, no matter what issue it is that brought them into the ER.

If the patient received the vax less than 14 days prior, they are recorded as “Un-Vaxxed” The story the nurses are being given, is that this is done because the vax takes 14 days to start working. The FT ER nurse my wife talked to last night has a different theory: It has been her observation that most patients coming in with what appears to be vaccine injuries are coming in within 72 hours of receiving the jab. By recording these patients as “Un-Vaxxed” they can do a few things:

– one, they can claim those vax injuries are a result of Covid & not the shot.

– two, they can bury the vaccine injury.

– three, they get to claim there’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” It also turns out that nurses are being required to sign nondisclosure agreements, promising not to publicly discuss any procedures dealing with #CV19.

My wife refused to sign this agreement, and she’s awaiting possible retaliatory response from upper mgmt. We need nurses across the country to start talking about all of this openly, as I’m sure our little hospital is not the only place this is occurring.”…

Read the full story (and links to Dr. Trozzi’s articles) at

Joe Biden is the Fall Guy Chosen to Implement the Great Reset Agenda

Aside from the obvious draconian nature of forcing people of all ages to take an experimental vaccine that not only doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid, but also doesn’t prevent you from getting it so severely that you could be hospitalized…

I see Biden’s presidency as an Ellen Pao situation.

For those who don’t remember, Ellen Pao was the CEO of Reddit. Under her leadership, the site completely changed, thousands of subreddits were banned, TOS was changed, moderation centralized and a ton of other platform-killing measures were taken in order to clean up the less savory parts of the website, make it more friendly to advertisers and remove the ability of people with the “wrong ideas” to congregate and discuss those ideas.

Now sure, Reddit has always been cancer. But after her tenure as CEO, it morphed into the Stage IV terminal cancer we know it as today.

After making all of those changes, Ellen Pao was universally hated and people were pissed. She and the board of Reddit mutually agreed to her resignation and she left, Ellen Pao haters taking this as a win. But the changes were already made.

She was the fall guy to implement these new policies that people hated and that may have been the plan all along.

Joe Biden is Ellen Pao for the United States of America…

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How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America’s Security Agencies & Fueled Spygate – Diana West

Why does author Diana West believe that communist ideology has infiltrated America’s intelligence agencies?

After looking into key figures involved in the Spygate scandal, what information did Diana West uncover about their ideological beliefs?

How is Donald Trump a “counter-revolutionary” president, in West’s view?

In this episode, we’ll sit down with Diana West, a journalist and author of “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.”