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Joe Biden is the Fall Guy Chosen to Implement the Great Reset Agenda

Aside from the obvious draconian nature of forcing people of all ages to take an experimental vaccine that not only doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid, but also doesn’t prevent you from getting it so severely that you could be hospitalized…

I see Biden’s presidency as an Ellen Pao situation.

For those who don’t remember, Ellen Pao was the CEO of Reddit. Under her leadership, the site completely changed, thousands of subreddits were banned, TOS was changed, moderation centralized and a ton of other platform-killing measures were taken in order to clean up the less savory parts of the website, make it more friendly to advertisers and remove the ability of people with the “wrong ideas” to congregate and discuss those ideas.

Now sure, Reddit has always been cancer. But after her tenure as CEO, it morphed into the Stage IV terminal cancer we know it as today.

After making all of those changes, Ellen Pao was universally hated and people were pissed. She and the board of Reddit mutually agreed to her resignation and she left, Ellen Pao haters taking this as a win. But the changes were already made.

She was the fall guy to implement these new policies that people hated and that may have been the plan all along.

Joe Biden is Ellen Pao for the United States of America…

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“Killing us softly
with their drugs,
killing us softly…
with their drugs…”

Dr. Bryan Ardis | Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir Which Causes Renal Failure

Hear Dr. Bryan Ardis explain his research and walks you through each of the reports he uses in the 67+ page Covid Report. See simple facts about the nasty side effects of the current status quo for treating COVID-19 and why you should stand up for your health and the health of your loved ones!

Now it appears it’s not only the “virus” nor only the jab, but the treatment they have chosen to inflict on people who show up at hospitals – a treatment that killed more than half the subjects in studies – Remdesivir.

From the video linked below:

The German Corona Committee Foudation reached out to me and asked me to provide all of the documentation to them who were suing the World Health Organization with 1,000 doctors, 10,000 MDs, and they reached out to me privately to give them a 1.5 hour documentation of Anthony Fauci’s knowledge of how he was going to kill people before the pandemic started… They’re using Remdesivir the same way they used gas chambers to destroy people in Germany…

Early treatment prescriptions available from or

A study performed in Africa showed that Remdesivir in six months killed more people than the other three drugs… 54% mortality rate.

A second study by the maker of Remdesivir revealed that multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, septic shock, acute kidney failure (30% of people) and hypotension – all of which are lethal…

Anthony Fauci and others in the govt bought up the reserves in stock in 2020 of Remdesivir and used it to convince you that people were dying of Covid-19…

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How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America’s Security Agencies & Fueled Spygate – Diana West

Why does author Diana West believe that communist ideology has infiltrated America’s intelligence agencies?

After looking into key figures involved in the Spygate scandal, what information did Diana West uncover about their ideological beliefs?

How is Donald Trump a “counter-revolutionary” president, in West’s view?

In this episode, we’ll sit down with Diana West, a journalist and author of “The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.”

Just in case… Good to be prewarned

Why are the NGOs (non-government organizations) that plan against countries and populations, not charged with “hate crimes”?

Do a search on this site for “Rockefeller Foundation”. David Rockefeller was the mastermind for plans to take control of the population of “Operation Lockstep” from 2010:

Did you know Georgia absentee ballots were printed & mailed by politically biased family in Arizona?

From Derek J. Somerville
Founder / CEO of Sierra Partners

  • 28 years leadership experience
  • United States Marine Corps
  • Former Special Agent, FBI
  • 20 years of cross-functional executive leadership with an emphasis on technology, finance, and operations

Did you know over 1.5 million Georgia absentee ballots were printed and mailed directly to voters NOT by our state, NOT even from within our state, but by a family-owned company located 1,800 miles away in Maricopa County, Arizona?

Maybe you did. But if you’re like me, you missed that detail.

And if you missed it like I did, there’s a good chance you didn’t know the owner’s son serves as that company’s Project Manager / Customer Services Manager and made the following political donations:

• Biden for President: 18 donations.
• Obama for America: 2 donations.
• Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: 12 donations.
• Progressive Turnout Project: 1 donation.
• ACTBLUE democratic donation platform: 25 donations.

If you didn’t know the owner’s son / PM / Customer Services Manager made these donations, you probably didn’t know the owner’s wife made these:

• STOP REPUBLICANS: 4 donations (during 2020 election cycle)
• Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: 9 donations
• National Democratic Training Committee PAC: 1 donation
• ACTBLUE democratic donation platform: 23 donations
• MOVEON.ORG: 2 donations
• Planned Parenthood

Or, that the owners wife supported these petitions:

• Petition – ‘Impeach Trump NOW!’
• Petition – ‘Demand Congress Investigate Trump’
• Petition – ‘Stop Trump From Killing The EPA!’
• Petition – ‘Don’t Abolish the EPA’
• Petition – ‘Demand Single-Payer Healthcare!’
• Petition – ‘All 50 States Reject Trumpcare!’

I’m not suggesting this family-owned company engaged in any illegal or inappropriate activity to help the democratic causes and candidates they so clearly support. But I do have some questions:

1. WHO at the Secretary of State’s office vetted this company to ensure they did not have any obvious internal political biases or conflicts of interest?

2. WHO at the Secretary of State’s office was aware of these manager/family donations and political efforts, and still thought this was the best vendor to print and mail our absentee ballots?

3. What controls were in place to ensure no extra ballots were printed or delivered, or that no ballots were sent to anyone other than the Georgia voters who requested them?

4. What controls were in place to ensure there were NO innocent errors (a 1% error rate would produce more than 15,000 mistakes)?

5. Did any private entities have access to the vendor’s production data or systems?

6. Was there really no qualified vendors within our own state with whom we could have spent these millions (I personally know a few capable of this work)?

7. Why isn’t this vendor listed in the Georgia Procurement Registry? (They first registered in our state on 4/6/2020, but I cannot find them in our state’s supplier registry)?

It’s decisions such as these that have completely eroded the public’s trust in those responsible for safeguarding one of our most precious rights… and we deserve answers.