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Watch the Water – Full Movie

Have you ever read the book, “Snakes in Suits”? The title suffices. Remember the snake in the Garden of Eden? What is a Reptilian?

Has the world been bitten by snakes in suits? Snakes in white coats?

What company began a  study of snake venoms and how is it related to the company that makes Remdesivir? Where does the “19” come from in “COVID-19”?

Who has declared that Remdesivir will be the only treatment for COVID in children?

And what does all this have to do with “the water”? Hint: 1) Don’t drink city water. 2) Buy a distiller and a Zero Water filter. Watch this video in full; your life may depend on it.

A fascinating mystery unravelled here, hot off the press…

Food & Behavior – A Natural Connection

Years ago, America’s public schools were offered a deal they couldn’t resist – “profit centers” in their buildings – junk food dispensers offering manufactured foods and drinks. The schools, of course, shared in the profits of the private industries that installed the machines. A few wise people, especially Barbara Stitt, saw the problem and worked to feed the students well – with wonderful results.

It has been proven that people who eat manufactured foods (or who don’t eat at all) cannot think clearly, they do not feel good, and they behave in ways that are not constructive for themselves and society. On the other hand, people who eat high quality whole, natural foods think clearly, are healthy, feel good and behave accordingly.

In the videos below, you can see how essential good nutrition is in schools. The happy results of a healthy diet are increased alertness, improved behavior, better scholarship, reduced antisocial behavior, vandalism, fights, dropouts and suicides. School budgets benefit too!

A big “Thank you!” to Barbara Stitt.

You can read this book online at

I left this review two years ago:

I love this book. It helped me understand that what I eat affects how I feel and how I behave. I wish I would have had this information when I was in grade school so I wouldn’t have had to go through so many years of trial and error. Some seem to be able to tolerate “bad” food better than others but I am extremely aware of the difference eating a carrot versus a cookie (even a “healthy” cookie) makes to my body and mind. I’m very grateful that Barbara Reed Stitt shared her wisdom in this book. Bless you, Barbara.

NAME-CALLING R US: Are You A “Groomer”? 9 Things to Look for | The Babylon Bee

Just as people are apt to throw around terms such as “racist”, “fascist” and “boomer”, now apparently they are calling one another “groomer” – the latest accusatory insult of the day. But so far, no one has told us how to know for sure who is and who is not a “groomer”.

So the Babylon Bee (trusty satire site on the razor edge of current events) addresses the question, “What is a groomer and are you one?” This article gives you a list containing valuable  information so you will know how to respond if and when people throw the term “groomer” at you… either you are or you are not and now you will know for sure. Or so you will be better armed to accurately evaluate someone else’s “groomerness” and be able to advise them whether or not they could add “groomer” to their resume.

Judge not but protect your children from adults who might harbor ulterior motives. Groomerness has no place in a free world where children are too young to understand the physical wiles and intentions of adults who wield a naughty agenda.

Read Kerth Barker’s books. In them, he addresses the subject of child sexual abuse: rape, torture, threats, mind-control, murder, sacrifice, cannibalism and yes – grooming. He tells of a system that lurks behind the stories we see in the public media, a system that grooms children to become groomers. He tells about those who profit from child sexual abuse – for personal pleasure and monetarily gain. Kerth lived it and tells about it from the viewpoint of a little child and teen captured by a Luciferian group that is hellbent on controlling you, me, and everyone else in the world.  If you are unaware of that bit of the story, read “1984”.

See the very informative list “Are You a Groomer? 9 Things to Look for” plus other amusing and informative – not merely entertaining but also educational – articles and videos here.  And remember to laugh where you can:

Homeschooling Can Save Children from Critical Race Theory & Masks – Ron Paul

The introduction of politicized education ideas like “critical race theory” into the curriculum of government schools is a major reason for American public school systems’ decline. In many schools, political agendas have been crowding out what many parents understand as the primary purpose of schools — educating students in core subjects such as reading, mathematics, and science.

US government data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress indicates that, as of 2019, only 37 percent of American high school seniors were proficient in reading. The results drop to 24 percent in math and 22 percent in science. The root of the problem is government’s near monopoly of education that means there is little to no incentive to stop federal, state, and local “educrats” from imposing the latest education fads on students. Any attempts by government to “fix” education, such as No Child Left Behind or Common Core, inevitably fail.

The replacement of education with indoctrination is one reasons many parents are pulling their children out of public schools to homeschool. Of course, one main reason for the growth in homeschooling is the covid lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Restrictions at schools have been especially absurd since children have tended to be in little danger from covid.

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. However…


Teacher objects to books that advise children to “mutilate yourselves” & is suspended

A step beyond parents choosing circumcision for their children, there are now books that promote the mutilation decision to children who are of the age that they can read and understand. This is so obviously a LuciFEARian agenda. They love death, destruction, humiliation, mutilation – anything that contributes to misery, feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, impotence, loneliness, aloneness, isolation. Notice how current events target all these areas.

Benjamin Fulford Report: Worldwide Arrest Warrant for David Rockefeller Jr, as Khazarian Mafia Take-Down Continues

Fulford is an interesting character. A Canadian, he was Bureau Chief for Forbes, I believe it was, in Japan and lives there still. His family was killed by members of the “elite mafia” and there is a video of Fulford confronting David Rockefeller regarding that… Rockefeller walked out of the meeting. But Fulford seems to have informants all over the world who funnel information through him. So take what you will from this, it’s definitely worth a read… but also keep that grain of salt handy; you just never know exactly what’s what or who’s who nowadays.

The takedown of the Khazarian mafia is accelerating. A worldwide arrest warrant issued for David Rockefeller Jr. means one of their top bosses is now a hunted man. Meanwhile, riots and demonstrations around the Western world are bringing down other KM leaders like Emmanuelle Macron of France and Justin Castro of Canada. Already, the Rothschild clan has admitted defeat and is now under the leadership of Nathaniel Rothschild. He promises that from now on his clan will stick to business and stay out of geopolitics. Here is a link to his company Volex.

The defeat of the very top levels of the KM is leading to historical changes around the world. This includes the demise of the UN, the rebirth of the United States and the start of a new age for the planet earth. The overall story is the end of millennia of rule by a Satanic cult.

Since so many people are now waking up, it is time to once again put out background information about who the revolution is against. Barry Chamish, a Jew who lost a third of his family to the holocaust, outlines the real history of the Sabbatean/Frankist cult (the people I call the Khazarian Mafia). He notes, for example, that “At the 1936 world Zionist conference Chaim Weizmann said ‘Perhaps only 2 million will survive the upcoming holocaust but they will be ready for life in Palestine.’”

If this is news to you, I strongly recommend you take 40 minutes of your time to watch the video he was killed for recording. It will tell you all about the links between 666, the Illuminati, Zionism, the Rothschilds etc. He points out very clearly these people are not Jews.

However, Chamish only traces the problem back to 1666 and fails to realize we are dealing with an ancient cult of human slavers known as the Hyksos who worship a goat-faced god with a forked tail that we know of as Satan. A holocaust is a burnt offering to Satan. The Jews have been their slaves for thousands of years…

LOTS more very interesting information at

Ancient Giants, Rituals & Elite of Jekyll Island

A very interesting chat regarding the meeting on Jekyll Island at which the Fed was created. Giants, secret paintings of child sacrifice and questions regarding the possibility that this tribe in Eastern Florida was not native to “America”, but had its origins in India or the Middle East.

A few notes:

Who would be crazy enough to build a house over a blood-sacrifice altar?… The Rockefellers.

The Federal Reserve was conceived in the parlor, millionaires sitting at a table that rested on top of a blood-sacrifice alter, where babies were sacrificed.

No wonder our banking system has so much corruption in it.

It usurped the authority of our Founding Fathers.

This has got something demonic, diabolical, occultic about it. This demonic power must’ve gotten into it. They created a banking system that every one of us has become subject to…

FDA Dr Rubin admits to unknown safety of experimental jabs

Another chapter in the ongoing war against our children – and life itself. This committee took a cavalier approach to experimenting on children with the experimental whatever-you-want-to-call-it. All it takes is one to voice the decision that may have already been made by the manufacturers of the product – and the others just go along with it.

10-26-2021 FDA approved injecting children 5-11 years. Dr Rubin shockingly admits experimentality & unknown safety of “vaccine”, but pushes approval regardless.

On October 26, 2021, The FDA met to debate the approval of the Pfizer Covid Injection for children. One of the voting FDA members Dr Eric Rubin said: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes… I do think we should vote to approve it,” and they did…

Despite Dr. Rubin’s admission, the panel’s decision ended up being unanimous, with one abstention, in favor of formally recommending Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old under the current emergency use authorization.

They admittedly chose to experiment with children’s lives, on mass. They did this despite the fact that children have statistical zero risk of serious disease or death from covid. The FDA, like others, already knew about the record setting death and harm caused by these injections. So we rightfully accuse them of voting for child sacrifice…

Child sacrifice – sound familiar?