INTERVIEW: The Real Alex Jones with Maria Zeee

In this exclusive interview you’ll see a side of Alex Jones that is rarely seen, which is the driving force behind his close-to-30-year commitment to exposing the New World Order. It is a side that cares deeply for humanity, and won’t stop until the war is won. This is evident in his heartfelt delivery when discussing the destruction that will come upon is if we don’t stop the globalists in their tracks.


Patterns of Immediate and Delayed Mortality after Covid-19 Injections Across the United States

This article examines mortality over time, by US state, of 100% vaccinated population and uncovers some unsettling relationships. If you haven’t subscribed to the OpenVaers Red Box report you should. 

My previous analyses of VAERS by lot number as well as review of documents made available by court order from Pfizer and Moderna has indicated very high likelihood that these products are fraudulent and adulterated, containing de-facto different formulations with lax to nonexistent control of the declared ingredients and massive amounts of impurities allowed by the regulators.   (emphasis mine)  Full report at: