CDC Plan Would Expose 19 Million More Americans to Harmful Levels of Fluoride

Story at-a-glance:

  • Government-funded studies confirm skyrocketing fluorosis rates, fetal and infant neurotoxicity, and numerous other side effects from fluoridation.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has helped create and promote a new fluoridation system they hope will expose nearly 20 million more Americans to harmful levels of fluoride.
  • The governments in the United Kingdom and New Zealand have passed bills that will effectively mandate fluoridation throughout their nations.

The published science over the past decade has taught us a lot about water fluoridation, about both the very real and significant side effects inflicted on the public, but also about the credibility of those who continue to vouch for its safety.

At this point, the question we must ask isn’t whether the overwhelming risks outweigh the theoretical scant benefits, or whether more research is needed to draw strong conclusions.

No, the only appropriate question now is: How much more harm will the promoters and regulators of fluoridation allow the practice to inflict on the public?

Without the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), our coalition partners, and people like you taking a stand, their answer will be a resounding, “a lot more harm!”

With their credibility and influence at stake after defending fluoridation for more than 75 years, they’ve sadly shown that they’ll not only be the last to act but that they plan to double down until we stop them…..

Source: CDC Plan Would Expose 19 Million More Americans to Harmful Levels of Fluoride • Children’s Health Defense

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