Chinese Fluoride in Tap Water Worries Michigan Community

LEXINGTON, Mich.—The discovery that a Michigan town’s drinking water treatment plant has been adding Chinese-made fluoride to its water supply for years has some of its residents upset.

“It’s absurd,” said Steve Stencel, a long-time restaurant owner in Lexington, Michigan. “It’s not good at all, buying our drinking water treatment chemicals from a communist nation that is our enemy. I am surprised that any municipality would buy fluoride for its drinking water from China. Our country needs to know this is happening.”

Lexington Village Utilities Director Chris Heiden said the water plant has used Chinese fluoride for years without any problems.

Fluoride is a chemical added to drinking water to help reduce tooth decay.

The Lexington water plant supplies drinking water to village residents and several neighboring communities. It has just under 3,000 customers.

A downtown apparel shop owner in Lexington said he had no idea Chinese-made fluoride was being added to the water supply.

When he learned of it, he said it gave him cause for concern.

“It’s scary. I can’t help but think of the ‘What if?’” he told The Epoch Times…..

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