WARNING – GRAPHIC & DISTURBING CONTENT PLEASE BE ADVISED – What this young lady shared with us is horrifying, disturbing and is sure to cause controversy. . I did a lot of listening & digesting during this interview.

The information she reveals here and in her videos is highly incriminating and frankly dangerous as it implicates those on the very top rung of the world leader ladder.

Jennifer is fully aware that there will be skeptics as she states during the interview. What I personally (Jim) got from this interview was that I was witnessing a person that has endured and is currently going through pain and confusion. To me that was evident.

Angie and I are compassionate people and we feel blessed to be able to help people that are in pain. Time will tell how this all plays out but for us, we feel like we did the right thing by sharing this to the public and letting people decide for themselves.

One thing cannot be disputed and that is this element, this diabolical evil is prevalent in this world. It happens every day to perhaps millions of children and adults alike.

I pray for her and her family & for God’s intervention including peace, clarity and protection. I pray for all those that are suffering at the hands of evil all around the world. I pray for all of us that are fighting a spiritual battle.

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Satangate: Jennifer Guskin on John McCain

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