Air Force discharging trained, experienced, pilots over COVID-19 vaccines

The United States Air Force is about to throw away millions of dollars worth of taxpayer money by preventing trained and experienced pilots from returning to active duty due to their refusal to abide by the Joe Biden administration’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandate.

This is according to an ongoing lawsuit against the administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all members of the military. The lawsuit was brought forward by 36 members of the Air Force, the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard. Of these, 17 are trained and experienced pilots. The group also includes experienced flight instructors, translators and cyber warfare experts.

According to the Rand Corporation, the Air Force spends around $5.5 million to train a single pilot. This means that the Armed Forces will throw away over $93.5 million of taxpayer money spent on training.

“Most of them are very senior pilots, and the notion that we would fire these pilots that the United States has invested tens of millions of dollars in is just outrageous. We are impairing our readiness,” said attorney Kris Kobach, who is representing the 36 service members…..

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