Barcelo: Classes on Protecting Birth from Medical Predation


There are only a few days left to take advantage of the savings being offered on the 7 new programs for 2022. The new programs include:

1. Are Wireless Devices Really Safe and How Can We Create a Radiation-Safe Environment in our Homes?

2. The Infertility Epidemic – What’s Causing It and How Can we Reverse It?

3. Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality- How Does Porn Affect Our Relationships and How Can We Restore Enduring Human Love?

4. The Sexualization of Children in Media and Schools – How We Can Protect our Youth?

5. The Facts about “Prenatal Care” and the Unexpected Side Effects of Ultrasound

6. Birth Trauma and Medical Abuse During Childbirth – How Can We Heal Ourselves and Take Back Our Power?

7. The Father’s Role During the Childbearing Year – Empowering Fathers for the Birth of their Children

A full description of the programs is at this link (also see below). I sincerely hope to see you there. Stay tuned for info about a groundbreaking webinar I will be offering soon about the real reasons for the autism epidemic. You will not find this information anywhere else.

All the best,

7 New Programs for 2022 – Designed to Educate, Uplift and Empower | Birth of a New Earth

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7 New Programs for 2022 – Designed to Educate, Uplift and Empower

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