CAQ: Eyewitness Reports Indicate Ukrainian Army Fired First Shots in War with Russia

Western Media did not report that the population in Eastern Ukraine had been begging Vladimir Putin to send Russian troops to save them from American-backed invaders and Neo-Nazi militias

Russian forces launched “special military operations” in Ukraine on Thursday morning, including cruise and ballistic missile attacks targeting infrastructure near major cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Dnipro, according to media reports.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said that he did not intend to occupy Ukraine but wanted to “demilitarize and de-nazify Ukraine.”

A still from a video purporting to show missile strikes in Dnipro, Ukraine on February 24, 2022. [Source:]

U.S. President Joe Biden issued a written statement saying that Russia had chosen a “premeditated war that will bring catastrophic loss of life and human suffering,” adding that “the prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine tonight as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces.”

Biden’s assessment is wrong-headed if we consider that Russia has been repeatedly provoked–over the last eight years.

In February 2014, the U.S. supported the overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian leader Viktor Yanulovych after he spurned an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan that came with conditions detrimental to Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych [Source:]
Aerial view of Maidan square protests that resulted in Yanukovych’s ouster. [Source:]

The U.S. has since provided extensive military aid and training to Ukrainian armed forces as they brutalized the people of Eastern Ukraine who voted to secede after the 2014 coup.

The U.S. has also applied extensive sanctions on Russia–tantamount to an act of war–while relentlessly expanding NATO towards Russia’s borders, supporting color revolutions against Russian allies and placing missiles in Poland and Romania.

Biden’s claim that the Russian invasion was unprovoked is further undercut by the fact that Ukraine precipitated the war by attacking the breakaway eastern provinces in violation of the Minsk peace agreements.

Russia reported on Monday that it had captured a Ukrainian soldier and killed five others after they crossed into Russian territory in Rostov, just over the border with Ukraine. Several hundred American mercenaries were also reported to have arrived in Ukraine in the last week.

American mercenary in Donbass [Source:]

Photojournalist Patrick Lancaster provided photographic evidence of Ukrainian army shelling of a school in the Donbass earlier this week.

Lancaster’s report is corroborated by Organization For Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) maps, which show that shelings that violate ceasefire arrangements have indeed been carried out mostly by the Ukrainian government.


A resident of the Kyivsky district of the city of Donetsk whom Lancaster interviewed, Zoya Tumanova, said that the Ukrainians had shelled her village often since 2015 and burned half of it down. She asked Lancaster: “when will it end, when will Putin come? When will he come to save us?”

Tumanova’s viewpoint is completely absent from the U.S. media. It contradicts the official narrative of Vladimir Putin as a maniacal aggressor, leaving the impression that the people of Eastern Ukraine want Putin to send Russian troops to save them from the real aggressors.

a view of a kindergarten building after alleged shelling by separatists forces in Stanytsia Luhanska, eastern Ukraine
Kindergarden building that was shelled earlier this week in Stanitsia, Luhasnka, Eastern Ukraine. [Source:]

A second-grade teacher at the school in Donetsk that was shelled, Marusina Ludmila, told Lancaster that she knew it was the Ukrainian army behind it because “they don’t let us live for eight years already; they have been shelling us constantly.”

Asked if Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky was telling the truth when he said that Ukraine did not shoot at civilians, she said: “they always lie. We know it is them shelling because no one can but them—though I don’t know how they can do that to their own Ukrainian people, we used to live together and communicate.”

President Zelensky pays first working visit to Donbas (Photos) | UNIAN
Ukrainian president Volodymr Zelensky at the front. [Source:]

Below is a commentary by Don Hank, a professional translator and Russian speaker who studied Russian language and literature at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and studied at Leningrad University in the early 1970s.

Ukraine shells schools in Donbass …..

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