Money Printing Is DESTROYING America’s Dollar

Let’s start with this: over the course of the past two years alone, the Federal Reserve has printed approximately 80% of the US dollar supply. The money printing machines must be running around the clock.

(Here’s another fun version of this graph. Can somebody remind me who took office in 2009?)

In January 2020, there was $4.0192 trillion in circulation in America. By November 2021, that number had spiked to $20.354 trillion being in circulation. The money printers were turned on and did not stop.

Now consider that the House of Representatives recently passed the largest spending bill in history – “Build Back Better” [sic]. It’s a $1.7 trillion plan which intends to dump billions of dollars into the fight against “climate change” and in building entitlement programs. Both of these stated goals only serve to bloat the power of politicians over the American people.

And how do you think Americans are going to pay for that? In two ways: by higher taxes and by the printing of more money.

What does all this money printing mean?

Imagine you’re a collector of pre-anti-America baseball cards. Which is more valuable, the baseball card signed by a legend who rarely signed cards, or the card signed by the legend who signed every other object he ever touched?

Obviously, the card by the man who rarely touched a Sharpie. Scarcity helps drive prices.

Now, think of the stock market. Let’s say Sooper Dooper Company issues 5000 shares when they go to market, and that I buy 100 of them. One year later, they decide to split their shares, meaning I now have 200 shares, instead of 100.

Is one share worth as much as it used to be?

Nope. It’s just been halved.

The same principle applies to money.

If money printers are kept running day in and day out for weeks on end, flooding the economy with paper, the money you had put away in your savings account was just devalued. This is exactly what Americans are seeing. Your ability to purchase food, pay your mortgage, keep gas in your truck, and save for your children’s future is quite literally being destroyed.

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What are we being told is the cause?”

Who’s doing all the money printing? The Federal Reserve.

One would quickly come to the conclusion that if money printing drives inflation, and money printers are running non-stop that it’s the money printer responsible for inflation, right?

Thankfully, the Federal Reserve has told us that the massive inflation America is seeing right now is not, in fact, their fault….

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