“Hero” Judge Holds Hospital in Contempt: Give Ivermectin to a Dying Woman, or Pay a $10,000-a-Day Fine

A sixty-three-year-old woman teeters between life and death in a Virginia hospital that has been forced, after a brutal court fight, to give her a safe, FDA-approved drug that her doctor had prescribed: ivermectin.

Whether it’s too late is the question. Kathleen Davies’ first dose was given in Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, Virginia, about fifty miles west of Washington, D.C., on the evening of Monday, December 13. That was sixty-five days after admission; forty-one days after going on a ventilator; six days after a judge’s order to administer it, and fifteen minutes before $10,000-a-day fines would have kicked in for defying it.

The logjam broke Monday when Circuit Court Judge James P. Fisher laid down the law after a testy hearing. In a decision written as attorneys waited online, Fisher ruled the hospital was “in contempt for needlessly interposing requirements that stand in the way” of  ivermectin and for violating statutes under federal and state of Virginia right-to-try laws.

The hospital’s “failure to accommodate this critical patient’s health care wishes”—as the judge had ordered on December 7—is “is particularly egregious,” he wrote.

A day after the nail-biting experience, Davies’ attorney, Ralph Lorigo, said, “This judge is the hero. He had the guts. He had the stamina. He had the willingness to enforce what he said.”

Lorigo, a Buffalo, New York, lawyer for four decades, has pioneered an entirely new legal practice dedicated to securing ivermectin for patients for whom other covid treatments have failed. Last month, a seventy-one-year-old man, given a 10 to 15 percent chance of survival, received five days of court-ordered ivermectin. He pulled out his endotracheal tube within five days and left the hospital two weeks later.

While many—not all—of Lorigo’s clients have rallied, Mrs. Davies’ future is uncertain. She’ll be receiving 24 mg per day for ten days of ivermectin, which has saved many people who were near death on ventilators. But Davies is facing a tough challenge. “This woman is today forty-two days on a vent,” he said. “She needs everyone’s prayers.”….


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