Corporate media wants to “abolish parenthood,” says children belong to the state

(Natural NewsUSA Today, a Gannett media outlet, published a story arguing that California should “abolish parenthood” and turn over all children to the state in order to promote “equity.”

A writer named Joe Matthews with Zócalo Public Square says that the only way the Golden State will ever “achieve true equity” is if the government forces parents to “give away their children.”

All throughout his article, Matthews tries to make the case that the problem with society is that parents are passing along “privilege” to their children. The normal nuclear family cycle, he claims, continues to reinforce an inequitable society and must be done away with completely.

Matthews’ ideal society is one in which the government “raises” children without their parents getting in the way. This will allow for them to be more easily indoctrinated into the Cult of LGBTQ, for instance.

Children who attend public school are already being raised by the state, but this is apparently not enough because they still go home to their parents at the end of the school day. Matthews wants them to never go home to their parents in order to make things “fair.”

Matthews actually wrote that California should make “raising your own children illegal.” This will take time, though, so in the meantime he wants rogue politicians to take matters into their own hands outside of the law….

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