Ancient Giants, Rituals & Elite of Jekyll Island

A very interesting chat regarding the meeting on Jekyll Island at which the Fed was created. Giants, secret paintings of child sacrifice and questions regarding the possibility that this tribe in Eastern Florida was not native to “America”, but had its origins in India or the Middle East.

A few notes:

Who would be crazy enough to build a house over a blood-sacrifice altar?… The Rockefellers.

The Federal Reserve was conceived in the parlor, millionaires sitting at a table that rested on top of a blood-sacrifice alter, where babies were sacrificed.

No wonder our banking system has so much corruption in it.

It usurped the authority of our Founding Fathers.

This has got something demonic, diabolical, occultic about it. This demonic power must’ve gotten into it. They created a banking system that every one of us has become subject to…

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