Morbidly Obese, Triple-Vaxxed Def Sec Who Just Caught Covid Fires 47 Troops For Refusing Shots

Morbidly obese, triple-vaxxed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who contracted covid earlier this month despite being “boosted” and had to call in sick, fired an additional 45 Marines and 2 Navy sailors this week in the name of “combat readiness.”

“The number of Marines who have been booted for not getting a vaccine is now at 334,” the Epoch Times reported.

“The Navy has separated 22 sailors so far for vaccine refusal, all of whom were in their first 180 days of service,” USNI News reported.

Tons of these service members who’ve been fired already have natural immunity but they’re being given the boot nonetheless as their refusal to take the shots is seen as a proxy for dissident political views.

To claim Marines who are risking their lives in frontline combat are not combat ready because they might catch what’s now a relatively mild cold is just comical.

It’s even more comical that it’s coming from a morbidly obese, triple-vaxxed clown who goes around fully masked up with a face shield on yet still caught symptomatic covid and had to stay home sick for who knows how long just earlier this month.

I assure you, every last service member who was fired is more “combat ready” than the corrupt sack of lard who fired them will ever be.

How COVID Vaccines Suppress the Immune System

Story at-a-glance:

  • In a non-peer-reviewed research paper last week, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., describes a mechanism of the COVID shots that results in the suppression of your innate immune system. It does this by inhibiting the type-1 interferon pathway.
  • The COVID jab can cause neurons in your brain to produce toxic spike protein, or take up circulating spike protein, and the neurons try to eliminate the spike protein by transmitting them through exosomes. The exosomes are picked up by microglia, immune cells in your brain, which activate an inflammatory response, which can contribute to degenerative brain disorders.
  • Two microRNAs, miR-148a and miR-590, are central in this process. These microRNAs — excreted in the exosomes along with the spike protein — significantly disrupt the type-1 interferon response in any cell, including immune cells.
  • On average, there are twice as many reports of cancer following the COVID shots compared to all other vaccines combined over the last 31 years.
  • The fact that the signal is that strong is even more remarkable when you consider that most people don’t think the COVID shot could be a variable in their cancer emergence, so they never report it.

In this interview, return guest Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT who has been at MIT for over five decades, discusses her latest paper, “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations. The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” co-written with Dr. Peter McCullough, along with two other authors, Dr. Greg Nigh and Dr. Anthony Kyriakopoulos.

Previously, Nigh and Seneff co-wrote an entire paper detailing the differences between the spike protein and the COVID jab spike protein.

In a non-peer-reviewed research paper published last week on the preprint service Authorea, they and their other co-authors delve deeply into the mechanisms of the COVID shots, showing how they absolutely, in no way, shape or form, are safe or effective. The shots actually suppress your innate immune system…..

Foreign companies should not own Missouri farm ground, reader says

Missouri farmland should not be owned by foreign corporations, period.

This should not be a controversial statement but in our state Legislature, corporate agriculture lobbyists rule over good sense and the will of Missouri residents.

This is the situation:

From 1978 until 2013, it was against the law for foreign corporations to purchase missouri farmland.  Then in 2013, the state legislature inserted language into a large agricultural bill that opened up nearly 300,000 acres of missouri farmland for foreign corporations to purchase.  The missouri department of agriculture was put in charge  of tracking foreign farmland purchases and to enforce the cap.

Two weeks later, Smithfield foods was purchased by a large chinese meatpacking corporation that is connected to and received money from the chinese government) and instantly acquired over 40,000 acres of missouri farmland.  This was no coincidence.  Corporate agriculture lobbyists lobbied to change state law to allow the sale of tens of thousands of additional acres of missouri farmland to be available for more  foreign corporate purchases.

To be clear, we are talking about absentee foreign corporations (often connected to foreign governments).  We are not talking about individual people and families who are from other countries. …

Since 2015, foreign corporations have been allowed to purchase a virtually unlimited amount of our precious and limited farmland.

As a consequence, Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods now owns over 40,000 acres of prime Missouri farmland, and, because of a 2015 loophole, we don’t even know how much of our farmland is under foreign corporate ownership today.

This puts our food security and national security at risk as foreign corporations like Smithfield Foods will use our farmland to produce food that will likely be sent back to China and not available for domestic use. We will likely never get that land back.

It is time for us to let our state elected “representatives” know that we’re aware that they sold our state and nation down the river and put our food supply at risk for some campaign donations.

Now they need to put greed aside and fix this law before we face grave consequences for their short-sightedness.

We must demand that the Missouri Legislature create a law that stops all future purchases of Missouri farmland by foreign corporate interests and that forces the Missouri Department of Agriculture to determine exactly how much of our farmland is currently under foreign corporate ownership.

We must do our part now to reclaim our farmland for family farms and rural communities and protect our food supply before the next crisis hits.

Children’s Health Defender Days – Advocacy Hub

Defenders Wanted!

We have the science. We have the resources. Now, all we need is YOU!

Children’s Health Defense is teaming up with other powerful voices and advocacy groups to create a coordinated grassroots effort to educate, empower and inspire others as we fight to hold onto our precious civil liberties. Advocacy in a Box is a user-friendly, print-ready resource hub to help you amplify your commitment to informed choice with resources that help you make an impact.

Stopping the onslaught of medical mandates will take more than just science and data. Regulatory authorities and mainstream media have weaponized people’s worst fears and best intentions in order to convince them to forfeit individual rights and bodily autonomy for the false promise of public health safety. But you can help preserve informed choice by bringing awareness to your community.

Print 100 of these flyers on standard 8½x11 paper and cut where indicated into thirds. Then go to a busy shopping mall or other high-traffic area near you on Black Friday with many parents and families and give out as many as you can.

Censorship and propaganda now dominate mainstream and social media. Sadly, public discourse has been replaced with mere repetition of state-endorsed “truth” and warnings about “misinformation”, leaving little room for thoughtful discussion or scientific debate. As Dr. Dennis Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association has astutely pointed out, “History has taught us that one-sided arguments and outlawed dissent are signs of totalitarianism lurking at the doorstep. Soon, asking questions will make you an enemy of the State. Mandating vaccines is a breaking point.”

The speaking of truth has become a People’s Movement and every voice counts. Faced with Covid vaccine and mask mandates, vaccines passports, and other threats to our livelihood, privacy, medical freedom, and basic human rights we are confronted with a historical, real-life “Horton Hears a Who” moment. We need every available voice so that our messages can be heard, seen, and believed.

We invite you to join us in sounding the alarm about the harms and risks posed by Covid vaccine mandates as well as other medical mandates. With your help, we can be the walking, talking billboards of information and truth. Overcoming censorship, building relationships, and highlighting key issues that the government and scientific community have overlooked, raising important questions and demanding answers – all while growing a supportive community and protecting the health and rights of future generations.

No one needs to do this work alone and there is no shortage of ways to participate. CHD will be organizing nationwide campaigns for recurring Defender days and providing a one-stop advocacy hub providing ready-to-send emails, social media posts, signs, stickers, literature, and graphics. CHD is proud to partner with V is For Vaccine to bring bold done-for-you rally signs, graphics for mobile billboard trucks, and informative postcards to effectively demonstrate and inform the public. “Defender Days” will be a powerful way to raise your voices as you connect with other members of your community.

Join the movement. Be a Defender of truth, freedom, and children’s health. Children’s Health Defense will bring the resources. You just need to show up with your conviction and your voice. It’s time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Money Printing Is DESTROYING America’s Dollar

Let’s start with this: over the course of the past two years alone, the Federal Reserve has printed approximately 80% of the US dollar supply. The money printing machines must be running around the clock.

(Here’s another fun version of this graph. Can somebody remind me who took office in 2009?)

In January 2020, there was $4.0192 trillion in circulation in America. By November 2021, that number had spiked to $20.354 trillion being in circulation. The money printers were turned on and did not stop.

Now consider that the House of Representatives recently passed the largest spending bill in history – “Build Back Better” [sic]. It’s a $1.7 trillion plan which intends to dump billions of dollars into the fight against “climate change” and in building entitlement programs. Both of these stated goals only serve to bloat the power of politicians over the American people.

And how do you think Americans are going to pay for that? In two ways: by higher taxes and by the printing of more money.

What does all this money printing mean?

Imagine you’re a collector of pre-anti-America baseball cards. Which is more valuable, the baseball card signed by a legend who rarely signed cards, or the card signed by the legend who signed every other object he ever touched?

Obviously, the card by the man who rarely touched a Sharpie. Scarcity helps drive prices.

Now, think of the stock market. Let’s say Sooper Dooper Company issues 5000 shares when they go to market, and that I buy 100 of them. One year later, they decide to split their shares, meaning I now have 200 shares, instead of 100.

Is one share worth as much as it used to be?

Nope. It’s just been halved.

The same principle applies to money.

If money printers are kept running day in and day out for weeks on end, flooding the economy with paper, the money you had put away in your savings account was just devalued. This is exactly what Americans are seeing. Your ability to purchase food, pay your mortgage, keep gas in your truck, and save for your children’s future is quite literally being destroyed.

(All the more reason to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on food storage.)

What are we being told is the cause?”

Who’s doing all the money printing? The Federal Reserve.

One would quickly come to the conclusion that if money printing drives inflation, and money printers are running non-stop that it’s the money printer responsible for inflation, right?

Thankfully, the Federal Reserve has told us that the massive inflation America is seeing right now is not, in fact, their fault….

Fully Vaccinated Malta Reaches Record COVID-19 Death Rate

If you were to base your impression of Malta’s COVID-19 situation on the country’s news headlines, you would assume the situation is getting better: people are happy, cases are dropping, and the vaccines are working. Life is back to a new dystopian normal.

Sadly, this is not the case.  Things are are actually bad.

How bad? If you are into numbers, while Maltese news is laughing and smoking its cigar at the table, the country just got clobbered by the bat-virus like Capone going to town on one of his henchmen.

The world’s model Covidian citizen just reached its highest COVID-19 death rate, despite being one of the most vaccinated nations on the planet with over 85% of the population fully vaccinated. states that 94% have at least one dose.

These are astonishing vaccination statistics. Leaders in most Western countries can only dream of such numbers, yet people are dying in record numbers.

Remember the lie that getting everyone vaccinated would bring life back to normal? Malta complied and life didn’t go back to normal. The country implemented new “COVID-19 rules” on January 13. As the Times of Malta reported, citizens will have to show their papers (vaccine passports) at various venues like restaurants, bars, cinemas, and more. The pass needs to show you have taken the latest booster shot.

It has also been reported that many restaurants are deciding to close (lockdown) while the new “COVID-19 rules” are in place, with about 14% of them expected to permanently shut down.

Last year, Malta was a shining example of vaccine compliance. It followed all the rules and believed all the lies, now the country is experiencing its worst COVID-19 death rate, lockdowns are effectively back, and life hasn’t returned to normal. None of this is surprising. The Covidian cult is a death cult. It hates humanity. It hates life. It gets off on death and destruction, and Malta is a shining example of that.

CDC report shows 40 percent increase in excess deaths among Americans ages 18 to 49

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that excess deaths increased by over 40 percent among Americans ages 18 to 49 years old during a 12-month period ending in October 2021, with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as the cause of 42 percent of those deaths.

Excess deaths, by definition, are the difference between the observed number of deaths during a specific time frame and the expected number during the same period. State-level data from the 12-month period studied showed increases in excess deaths, with Nevada’s as high as 65 percent. The District of Columbia, on the other hand, saw an even greater increase at 72 percent, with COVID not being a factor in any of them.

The increase in excess death was most noticeable in the Midwest, western, and southern states, while the states with the lowest increases were from the northeast. On the low side, New Hampshire is the only state to see no increase in excess deaths for the aforementioned age group, nor did it record any COVID-deaths among them.

Meanwhile, the CDC data also showed an increase of 27 percent in excess deaths in the 50 to 84 age group, and 12 percent for 85 and older. These data are in line with insurance data from Indiana, which was revealed last month by Scott Davison, CEO of the insurance company, OneAmerica.

In a news conference, Davison said that there was a 40 percent rise in death rates among working-age individuals from 18 to 64 years old in Indiana, although COVID was not the leading cause of such deaths. He also noted that he saw the rise in death rates beginning in the third quarter of last year, and continuing on to the fourth quarter. (Related: “Excess deaths” hint at a much higher coronavirus death toll than official numbers admit.)

Davison noted that it was the highest that they have seen in the history of insurance, adding that a one-in -200-year catastrophe would be a ten percent increase over pre-pandemic excess deaths in that age group.

States investigating excess deaths

While some states are already investigating whether or not there is some sort of correlation or causation for the high number of excess deaths, the federal government still has not provided any information behind the numbers, although there had been several theories regarding the increase.

There had been suggestions of drug overdoses being to blame for the increases, as CDC’s overdose estimates for a 12-month period ending in June 2021 showed an increase in deaths from 72,000 to over 101,000.

Another theory posits that COVID vaccines played a role in the increase, which is supported by pro- and anti-vaxxers alike.

Davison himself suggested that the unvaccinated were partly to blame, saying that the insurance industry was “starting to target and to add premium loads onto employers that are based in counties that have a low vaccination rate.” However, he did admit that the rise in excess deaths in the third and fourth quarters of last year came after Indiana’s mass vaccination program began.

Most of the claims for deaths are not classified as COVID-19, according to Davison. He noted that the data is showing that the deaths being reported as COVID greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. While it may not be COVID on their death certificate, it remains that deaths are up by “huge, huge numbers.”

Davison also said that his company is seeing an “uptick” in disability claims, saying that at first, it was for short-term disability, but now the increase is in long-term claims.

“For OneAmerica, we expect the costs of this are going to be well over $100 million, and this is our smallest business. So it’s having a huge impact on that,” he said. This amount is what the company will have paid out to policyholders in group life insurance and disability claims, according to the company. (Related: Life insurance companies sound DEATH ALERT warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month happening right now in the USA.)

Watch the video below to learn more:

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