Morbidly Obese Def Sec Fires Unvaxxed Troops In The Name of ‘Combat Readiness’

Morbidly obese Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a former Raytheon board member hired for reasons of “diversity,” fired dozens more troops this week for not getting “vaccinated,” citing combat “readiness concerns.”

Does this man look ready for combat to you?

Unless our troops need emergency breastfeeding, I can’t imagine Lloyd would be much help were a war to break out. It probably takes two men just to help him get out of bed in the morning.

From Politico, “Marines kick out 206 troops for refusing Covid-19 vaccine”:

The Marine Corps announced Thursday that it has kicked out more troops for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. The total number of discharges has risen to 206, up from 169 last week.

The fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law Monday, dictates that the military services cannot dishonorably discharge members for vaccine refusal. The discharges must be either honorable or general under honorable conditions.

Where things stand: Overall, 95 percent of all active-duty Marines have received at least the first dose, while 86 percent of the Reserve force has received the first shot.

The service received 3,247 requests for religious accommodation, with 3,115 of those having been processed and zero requests approved citing readiness concerns.

Most of these troops already had covid and recovered and they’re doing us and the world a favor by not getting “vaxxed” and risking the creation of more variants.

They have far better immunity to covid than any of the troops who just took the therapeutics that only work for a few months (allegedly).

We know this whole vax mandate has nothing to do with “combat readiness” because they’re actively gutting combat readiness standards as we speak in the name of “diversity.”

This is purely about purging the military of intelligent free thinkers (what Austin’s handlers call “extremists”) in an effort to turn our military into a domestic occupation force that will serve the regime rather than the American people.

While Americans Slept Thursday Night “World Atlantic” Flight 695 Transported a Full Flight of Illegal Immigrants from El Paso to Allentown, PA

The amount of criminal activities and corruption going on in the US today is unimaginable.  The Biden government, aided by a corrupt DOJ, is flying planeloads of illegal immigrants from the Southern border to states across the country daily and no one is saying ‘boo’. ….

America has immigration laws but these activities aren’t included in those laws.  Individuals entering this country should be vetted properly.  They should have the money to apply for a visa and transport themselves into the country.

This is Joe Biden’s America.  This is the destruction of America.  This is illegal.  This is an invasion.

Framed as Far-Right Terrorists: The Coming False-Flags Against Anti-Injection Activists

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been in the grip of what I call the “tech-pharma complex”: the coalescence of big data and big pharma that has mandated experimental injections based on compromised clinical trial data and redefined criteria for efficacy by omitting the absolute risk ratio.

As if using Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four as a handbook, the tech-pharma complex has imposed a biofascist global order in which reality has been reinvented: Dr. Robert Malone did not invent the mRNA vaccine, he merely “claims” to have (when in fact he did), Ivermectin is a horse dewormer (when in fact it is commonly used as an anti-parasitic for humans), and the new products are vaccines (when in fact the definition of vaccine has been changed to accommodate them).

Biofascism does not relent. Yet, large sectors of the public are rejecting forced injection, prompting biofascism to tighten the screws. Staging an act of terrorism to demonise, discredit, and outright ban protests could well be the next step.

Given their history of framing political and social enemies as terrorists, we should prepare for Western military intelligence services to commit terrorism and blame anti-lockdown protestors and injection-sceptic activists.

But, like the new synthetic reality created by the propaganda of the biofascist tech-pharma complex, the coming terror might not even be genuine.


In October 2016, a car bomb exploded in Baghdad’s Shia-majority al-Hurriyah district. The attack was blamed by global media on the Wahhabi-majority Islamic State. Ten people were reportedly killed and 34 wounded.

The bombing, according to media, was confirmed by “police and medical sources” who were unauthorised to speak to the press and did so anonymously.

But the entire event was fake.

Leaked CCTV footage shows a man set a timer on the car bomb and get into a pickup truck, which drives away. The parked car explodes, killing and injuring no one. Seconds later, crisis actors run to the scene, feigning death and injury. Fake blood and bandages were left at the scene.

When the event was exposed as fake, one Amhad Abu Al-Hassan (a.k.a., Ahmad Hatif) appeared on social media offering a false cover story to protect the intelligence services: that he was a movie maker directing a film.

By then, the “death toll” had been widely reported and to this day media have not withdrawn or corrected their absurd claims.

The event was actually contrived by British Special Forces in conjunction with Iraq’s Al Suquor (Falcon) Intelligence Unit as an elaborate plot to protect an asset, Captain Harith al-Sudani, who had reportedly infiltrated Islamic State (IS).

The spin (another cover story?) was that al-Sudani was planting fake bombs to save civilians from real IS bombs, while appearing to be authentic in the eyes of IS.

The above case proves that in addition to planting bombs and murdering real people, the state also simulates terrorism and pretends that actual people have been hurt and killed.

The perpetrators got away with it until the leaked CCTV footage circulated because a) the media never bothered to check the reality, b) they believed that police and medical staff were “credible” sources, and c) they could not believe that such fakery is possible…..