What’s fear?… What’s fear got to do with it? – Black Conservative Patriot

Was approval for a vx for the S.African “variant” given long before “variant” was “discovered”? Were other vx’s also given patents before the “problem” arose? Check out all patents for vx’s and see how the dates compare to when the disease began… Hanky Panky in the medical industry?… and politics?…

Were the four victims of the new “variant” fully vaccinated? Hmm… it appears they were. Are the vaccines themselves the variant? Could each “remedy” for one problem result in a new problem?


See Rockefeller Foundation’s “Lockstep” document. That paper was released ten years ago. We are in the middle of a “silent weapons for a quiet war”. Is the vx craze just another way to depopulate the world so the criminal elite can play where they will? Prince Phillip said once that when he died he wanted to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to solve overpopulation.

The world’s real problem may be an epidemic of “elite” insanity.

It is my contention that if the Luciferian elite were to be magically gone from this planet – by UFO, as food for bacteria or by any means – or reformed – the “overpopulation problem” would instantly be solved. No normal person would see a problem; they’d just develop land to farm and feed everyone. Anyone who has driven across the USA or flown over any country will see vast expanses of land that could be cultivated. A sane “elite” would also do what they could to feed, clothe and shelter an expanded population. Why do Luciferians dream of death and destruction? Are they lacking loving, caring, creative ways to spend their time and energy? Maybe someone could assign the duty to them. But they need to stop their mischief.

They need to be reminded of the purpose for this planet – to release fear and embrace Love. Poor things. Protect the children from all threats to their health and safety. Pray the elite” come to their senses.


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