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Vaccines are the leading cause of
coincidences… Stay Vigilant

We are the official blog of COVID Legal USA. Truth about COVID vaccines and the severe adverse effects thereof are censored on mainstream and social media. We do our best to cover as many of these stories as possible in the most objective fashion possible. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

COVID Legal USA is a team of paralegals, legal writers and researchers helping Americans represent themselves in legal matters against oppressive, dangerous COVID mandates. We’ve helped several individuals avoid mandatory vaccines at work and keep their jobs in the process. Our team has also assisted pro se litigants in matters related to lockdowns and their small businesses.

COVID Legal USA is documenting COVID-19 vaccine deaths. Interesting reading. Many stories. One man – Michael Granata of California – wrote his own obituary, warning people; you can only find his story in foreign media – Australian and Spanish sources. Notice that he felt manipulated and coerced into receiving the vaccine.

Many of the deaths recorded by this blog were of people who resisted or spoke out against the vx movement…

Kerth Barker’s symptoms resemble those of Michael Granata, but Kerth refused to go to the hospital until the very end, and then only for a day, so he could receive legal pain medication. Kerth’s memoirs describe his childhood at the hands of a Luciferian “club” that claimed one day it would rule the world. Kerth described being jostled by a crowd at the entrance of his post office building and feeling a “sting” in the back of his arm. Have you seen this?…

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