How to Heal Your Mind & Body with Sound – More on the 432 Hz v 440 Hz controversy

Why is standard music at 440 Hz?

In the 1800s, there were constant debates all over Europe and America to standardize music. The frequency kept shifting from 417 to 470 Hz.

Back in Mozart’s day, every instrument was designed and tuned at a frequency of 432 Hz. Things started to change in the early 20th century when J.C. Deagan used his wealthy connections to change the music industry to 440 Hz. He began lobbying across Europe.

In 1935, The Rockefeller foundation had the interest to adopt the 440 Hz frequency as part of a “war on consciousness”.

Fast forward a few years to 1939, Nazi Germany.

Frank Goebels, one of the most hated men in modern history, decided that any music should be at a 440 Hz frequency because he believed it could force people to think and act in a certain way. Does it come as a surprise that Hitler managed to brainwash a whole nation for years?

440 Hz frequency is labelled “Satan’s tone” or “The Luciferian frequency”.

This theory was put in play in The Kingsman where Samuel Jackson’s character plans to take over the world by inflicting a radio frequency emitted through cellphones that turns average people into malicious gladiators…

Read more at and search for information about the Rockefeller Foundation, Goebels, J.C. Deagan, vibrations, sounds, tones, and more. In the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho, sound caused the walls to come tumbling down – remember? And then there’s the Schumann Resonance. The use of sound both as a weapon and also as a healing tool – a fascinating study.

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