Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed, Evil Is Global, US Is The First Domino

What we are witnessing the old guard power structure being destroyed. The evil is not just in the US but it is global. The US will be the first domino to fall. The patriot are now ready to control information, this will destroy the [DS] once and for all. Election fraud is now being presented to the public one drip at a time. The [DS] has lost control of the pandemic narrative, they know they lost, but they will push with something else. Scavino sends message that it is all about to go down.

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GoFundMe Helps Fauci Murder TX Deputy with COVID — YOU CAN HELP THEM HERE!

On Wednesday, we reported on a Texas deputy and father of 6, Jason Jones, who is hospitalized with Covid and on a ventilator. His wife, Erin, has been fighting the hospital in court for the right to have an outside doctor treat him with Ivermectin. That outside doctor happens to be Dr. Mary Bowden, who we reported Thursday had her admitting privileges revoked from a Houston hospital. Her crime? Spreading “disinformation” about Ivermectin even though she’s treated hundreds of patients successfully with the medication. Strange that the hospital took this action right after Dr. Bowden testified on Mr. Jones’ behalf….

… GoFundMe removed the online fundraiser for the family of Texas Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones after his wife posted an update about her legal efforts to get Ivermectin.

GoFundMe said the content falls under the “prohibited conduct” section. The company gave no warning and deleted the link from its website. Jones is dying of COVID at Texas Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth. Since I first made their names public and linked to the fundraiser to help the Jones family, the GoFundMe account went from a couple thousand dollar to $36,000 in donations from around the country. The new fundraiser for the Jones family is at Give Send Go here.

Erin, who is a stay-at-home mother of six, texted me today, “I don’t know if I will get any of the donations?”


Jason is still in this fight!!!!
November 19, 2021

I just received this message from Erin about Jason’s current status as of this morning.

“Nurse doesn’t have a current vitamin d level but is going to ask.
Vent: 50%
Peep: (Important vent pressure number) 8
Jason’s O2 level : 93%
HR: 91
BP 119/71 (86)
Nurse did wake him up right before I got here.  Jason opened his eyes.. Nurse said he did follow some commands like squeeze his hand. He did, but is real weak. Nodded his head!”

Down to 50% vent has been a goal from the time he was placed on it. The Peep number was way high before, 8 is a big drop. 93% O2 is wonderful and up from in the 80’s at some points over the last 6 weeks.  Squeezing a hand and nodding his head… that’s just the miracle we have been waiting for!!

For many weeks there was little progress and it seemed doctors were not being very proactive in trying to help Jason wean from the vent.  Once the hospital began feeling the eyes of the community, state, country, and even the world, things began to happen.  So each of you sending prayers, sharing the story, sharing the newscasts and articles, and financially supporting this family in their journey…it’s helping! And Jason is still in there fighting the fight of, and for, his life, too!!

We are trusting and believing in his healing and recovery, no matter what the forces of darkness try to do to stop it!!

Thank you,

The Most Recent Appeal
November 19, 2021

The most recent appeal filed by the hospital to fight Erin’s SECOND court order demanding they allow her to have the medicine and treatment of her choice given to Jason, has sadly been won by the hospital.  …
Well at least they’ve heard of vitamin D, but  I doubt they know why they should check it or what a good level should be.   Cuz we have the best medical system in the world donchano.
There are zillions of medical murder and net censorship stories out there. GFM is one of the worst.  I for one am sick of it.

Indoor rocket stove… just in case

Those who seem to be “in the know” say we may have time without power – it’s happened already in some locations.

A “rocket stove” is a great solution for such times. You just need a few bricks, a couple of metal grates, some scraps of wood, a starter of some kind – fuel can be twigs or even dried grass, from what I understand – and voila! – you have a stove to boil water, cook food and warm yourself.

This enterprising young man made his rocket stove inside, in his fireplace, but outside is where most people build them. Cold food, cold hands & feet – “Beam me up, Scottie!”

More examples:

Transparency in all things