As world leaders, celebrities, business moguls and activists alike descend on Scotland for the COP26 climate summit, behind the scenes powerful financial groups are attempting to rewrite the rules of international trade and to privatize nature under the guise of sustainability. While high politics has understandably made the headlines, a cartel of international bankers is attempting to use the crisis to rewrite international capitalism for their own benefit.

Wrestlers Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan predict 9/11 Attack in 1989

Kerth Barker explained that “they” (the Luciferians / Illuminati / or whatever you want to call them) are required to inform us of their plans, by a cosmic law. Here’s a rather embarrassing 12-year preview of 9-11… goofy, you might say, but still, we were told. Are these guys spokespersons for the New World Order crowd?

Our job is to reject their plans for us by saying, “NO! I do NOT consent!” Remember this when you see something in the media or in the theater, hear a song or watch a video… “Just say NO!”


What were they saying on Saturday Night Live in 2012? Again, goofy, but – let’s say it together, “NO! I do NOT consent!”…

Anyone know of any other “predictions” by these two – or either one of them? I’d love to know. Thanks.