Brandon to recruit armies of rats to inform on employers re: enforcing vaccine mandate

WASHINGTON (AP) — To enforce President Joe Biden’s forthcoming COVID-19 mandate, the U.S. Labor Department is going to need a lot of help. Its Occupational Safety and Health Administration doesn’t have nearly enough workplace safety inspectors to do the job.

So the government will rely upon a corps of informers to identify violations of the order: Employees who will presumably be concerned enough to turn in their own employers if their co-workers go unvaccinated or fail to undergo weekly tests to show they’re virus-free.

What’s not known is just how many employees will be willing to accept some risk to themselves — or their job security — for blowing the whistle on their own employers. Without them, though, experts say the government would find it harder to achieve its goal of requiring tens of millions of workers at companies with 100 or more employees to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 or be tested weekly and wear a mask on the job…..

I would think that most of the risk would come from their fellow workers who would be forced to take the experimental jab against their will.

Farmers’ Land Confiscated for ‘Carbon Pipeline’ through Corn Belt

Farmers’ land across the midwest is being confiscated to make way for construction of a massive, 1300-mi long Carbon Capture & Sequestration Pipeline. Town halls in hundreds of counties are full of angry farmers, as county officials announce, “There’s not much we can do.” As the world enters a food crisis, plowing under tens of thousands of acres of the best soil in America is complete madness…or is it a flawlessly calculated attack? Christian breaks it down in this critical Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


Why COP26 Refused to Address Planned Obsolescence

The ugly truth about cap and trade and all similar schemes is that they do not really reduce carbon emissions, if most other factors remain the same, Joaquin Flores writes.

The failure of the UN’s COP26 conference in Glasgow was spectacle of hypocrisy befitting of a moribund ruling class. These kinds of antics harken back to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, where its decadent ruling class was deadly out of touch with the causes of growing decentralization and dissatisfaction in the periphery. And so taking our historical analogy further, we may begin to unwrap an epochal catastrophe which today’s elite now faces.

The transition from the Roman imperial system, through the Carolingian period, into to the system of medieval Europe, saw a continual decentralization of power, and the evolution of slaves and serfs into land-owning peasants.

Boris Johnson arrives at COP26 by private jumbo jet ready to tackle other leaders on emissions

This economic decentralization was connected to localized power structures. Roman forts thereby formed the basis of the medieval system of castles, and the relative weakness of these lords and little kings correlated to an improvement in the rights and economic power of what became the small land-owning peasantry.

Therefore a method of re-introducing an element of centralization to these structures, to the Vatican in Rome, was the development of the Church and the refinement of its system of tithing from individual offering to an imposed and required tax, enforced by law and collectively. Significant theological and metaphysical questions and dissimilarities aside, here’s what’s critical:

The carbon tax system is a mystical system that cannot be justified by material sciences or concerns, and instead sits as a type of ‘new religion’ that the historical centres of capital have rolled out to justify a type of tithing upon increasingly sovereign and decentralized corners of the world.

Payment of tithing, like the carbon tax system, is an ideological project to maintain powers of a moribund economic system, after the decline of the physical structures of imperialism that held together the old empire.

The various carbon tax systems, (cap and trade CAP/ETS, etc.) are little more than a rehashing of a tithing system.

Like with the Church’s control over the scribes and monasteries, the new carbon cult relies upon its monopoly over the inherited centers of knowledge creation and distribution, to create a parallel reality which requires a payment into something which cannot be rationalized in either scientific or economic terms.

Likewise, one could argue that the influence of abstracted aims of the Church lent towards the management of high unemployment and inflation caused by this tithing tax, through the calling of crusades and counter-rational measures for dealing with plagues, which tended to account for the premature deaths of countless ‘worthless eaters’.

This very much parallels the gross neo-Malthusian solutions proffered by the elites in our day and age.

The amazing part of this? The entire catastrophe today can be avoided if planned obsolescence was eliminated as an economic practice.

It doesn’t matter where one stands on climate science – even a true believer would be forced to see the logic in eradicating planned obsolescence if the aim was carbon neutrality.

Paying tithe from Bishop Roderik’s work ‘The Mirror of Human Life’ – wood cut, 15th century Varga Domokos: Magyarország virágzása és romlása. Móra, Budapest, 197 , p 58

Carbon Reduction as Cover for a Sinister Depopulation Agenda

The fundamental issue driving the COP26 population reduction scheme which parades as ‘carbon reduction’, therefore, is the hard problem of overcoming planned obsolescence. This single issue, almost more than any other, is definitive proof that there is no real concern for the environment, and that the ruling class is purely focused on population reduction and the suppression of actual 3D printing and eradicating a real Fourth Industrial Revolution.

That last point may come as a surprise to many, who are following the talking points of Klaus Schwab and company, at the World Economic Forum, who have incorporated these terms into their neo-Malthusian agenda.

They use these words so that we cannot understand them, so we will not look right where they are hiding their real meanings and implications – in their mouths.

So in place, they use the words and phrases – 4IR, 3D printing, IoT – but in actuality they are trying to subvert these while other technologies, entirely coercive and centralizing in nature, are rolled out onto the suffering faces of the masses.

As we have shown in our work on planned obsolescence, nowhere is the subject of planned obsolescence directly confronted – either in Schwab’s “Covid-19: The Great Reset” (in fact the opposite is proposed), nor is it confronted in the SDG Agenda. There is an oblique reference to repairable products and longer product lifespans only on page 62 of the 250 page manifesto. This adds justification to our charge that among the points of the ‘Great Reset’ is a serious reduction in human population.

Global Fight-back – The UN and Beyond

The same technologies to create the three industrial revolutions in the imperial core, were later used by developing countries, to grow and improve their physical economy. But these efforts were conducted in fierce opposition to the centrally directed model of modernity; a centralism coming from the financiers of the City of London and conducted through the geopolitics of the so-called Washington Consensus.

While accurately understanding some of the mutually shared concerns among and between nations, the Agenda 2030 solutions offered stem from the same kind of thinking, and from the very same actors, which produced the problem itself. Why would anyone trust these solutions?

Again, there is nothing profound or rhetorical in that question. The right-thinking leadership of many developing countries entirely understands that point. They are frustrated by the gas-lighting that comes from this globalist institutions which enforce austerity measures which breed corruption and poverty, all while preaching that these same countries haven’t done enough to increase transparency and fight poverty.

Real sovereignty for the so-called global south is intimately tied to two related factors: import substitution industrialization using 3D printing, and a physical economy based in automated production of super-long life goods. This must up-end the present planned obsolescence paradigm with its intentionally shortened PLC (product life cycle). A functional bridge between here and there, is an increased focus on regional trade, which encourages regional cooperation and enlarges spatial conceptions of the sovereign towards a growing multipolarity.

Instead of focusing on this very obvious solution to a whole range of problems which are, generously speaking, fairly represented in the UN Agenda 2030 goals, we are being corralled down a path which unjustifiably focuses on climate change. But critics like Vance Packard in ‘The Waste Makers’ (1960) already saw the problem, and the solution.

We are therefore in a race towards next-generation productive technologies, like localized 3D printing (3DP) which ultimately work against globalized production, against interdependency, and the supply-line security problems, like war, that comes along with it.

The underlying rationale of globalized production, is the exploitation of low wage labor and the maintenance of endemic global inequalities. But as techniques of production improve, and more materials can be synthesized, the twin drivers of this paradigm – low-wage production and raw material extraction – are overcome together.

Ending planned obsolescence vs. ending climate change, represent two different paradigms. The first is connected to a forward looking paradigm reflective of a real and sustainable 4IR, and the second is a cynical ruse not only to limit the rational development of the physical economy, but also human horizons….

A Declaration for ReFounding America Now – Peter Breggin

A Declaration
ReFounding America Now

November 11, 2021
Peter R. Breggin MD
Ginger R. Breggin
Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH
Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD
Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD

Resolved: As the United States government increases its coercive push to give experimental, dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines” to our nation’s children, it becomes more necessary and urgent for all citizens to resist now, before our children and future generations are unnecessarily put at further drastic risk of harm.[1]


Human beings throughout the world are suffering under oppression by a supranational hierarchy of elite predators, whose organized and carefully planned goals are actively stealing national governments from their citizens, sucking the life out of Western democracies, and obliterating individual liberties. Since at least as early as 2010, the global predators have been developing and implementing their master plan to crush us with pandemic terror and COVID-19 “public health” policies and now they are renewing global warming as an additional threat to make us obedient and submissive. These global predators are empowering themselves to govern, reshape, cull, and consume humanity.

It is inescapably clear that the current worldwide systematic oppression is a highly organized and thus-far successful effort to dominate, transform, and exploit humanity. Our basic analysis is provided in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, written by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin, with guidance and written introductions by Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko MD. We document our findings and conclusions in great detail in more than 600 pages with more than 1,000 citations. All the apparent confusion, contradictions, and inexplicable abuses inflicted upon us become clarified by facing a dreadful fact: it has all been planned this way. The goals of the global predators are to seize our wealth, to demoralize us, and to prevent our patriotism and love of freedom from blocking their future plans for the world.

The global predators have become enormously powerful by riding on the wave of modern technology and communications. Never before have there been so many wealthy and influential individuals and institutions who lust for endless wealth, personal glory, and power. Never before have they so easily been able to plan and plot together, threatening the existence of individual freedoms and democratic republics throughout the world. Never before have there been so many written publications, videos, news reports, and other evidence to document who they are and what their goals are.

The global predators include many multi-billionaires, but also government health agencies, deep state bureaucracies, giant philanthropic foundations, and international corporations, from fast food and sporting goods companies to big-box franchises, tech companies, and banks. These individuals and entities devalue patriotism, lack an appreciation of constitutional democracy and individual freedoms, and lack higher ideals or spiritual values superior to themselves. In a very sinister game, they look down on the world as their playground and us as their toys.

Some global predators pretend to be idealistic progressives and others pretend they are inspired capitalists. Many globalists, from Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab to China’s Xi Jinping and Joe Biden and his handlers, remarkably insist that they are both progressive and capitalistic. They claim to be all things to all people. In reality, they are devoid of genuine ideals and concerns for humanity. They are united in being predators and in holding the remainder of us in utter contempt. Many favor “population control” and transhumanism. Many have written and spoken about how they want to reduce us in number while using myriad technologies to seize and maintain control over those of us who survive.

Who Are the Global Predators? Continue reading A Declaration for ReFounding America Now – Peter Breggin