Much like Kerth Barker’s books… Ally Carter’s story is not an exaggeration. This is what Trump was working to end and since he was doing that work, he was hated by those who profit from it. Listen up, America. These are our “leaders” and we need to clean house.

After selling the Pfizer vaccine to small children, Big Bird will be endorsing 10 more products | The Babylon Bee (HUMOR!)

The beloved Sesame Street character Big Bird is finally doing what he was born to do: sell pharmaceutical products to small children! After his resounding success in selling a Pfizer vaccine, here are 10 more exciting Big Bird product endorsements PBS is planning:

1) The brand new cereal Pfizer-O’s: Every bowl is the equivalent of one additional COVID booster. The FDA says it’s a balanced part of your complete breakfast! Cool!

2) Pfizer’s watermelon flavored puberty blocker chewables: change your gender without sacrificing taste.

3) Lead finger-paint set: This is a great way to boost your child’s immunity to lead poisoning. Made in China.

4) Communist Manifesto: Illustrated Children’s Edition: It’s never too early to introduce your kids to the greatest political ideology on earth. A great alternative to Tuttle Twins books.

5) Fisher Price’s My First Pregnancy Test: They even come in pink and blue, depending on whether your pregnant child is a man or a woman!

6) Waterboarding kit: A great way for kids to learn how we treat enemies of the state.

7) COVID Heroes Trading Cards: Fauci, Whitmer, Newsom… collect ’em all!

8) Injectable sugar: a great way to boost your energy on the go!

9) Afghanistan withdrawal Lego set: Reenact Biden’s heroic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and decide who gets left behind!

10) A government-issued satellite phone for reporting your parents to the state: Don’t let them get away with mask violations on your watch!

Biden nominee Saule Omarova wants gas, oil, coal Industries to go bankrupt, to tackle climate change

“Their” plan – the “Global Reset” – is to destroy the world as we know it, to make us miserable and to kill as many people as possible. Something about this smells like S0R0S to me. For sure, it is insane. It is the Luciferian way, to kill and destroy.

Govt data reveals shocking number of deaths, injuries directly caused by COVID vaccines

After 4 minutes in this video, a chart dramatically illustrates the danger of the 2020-2021 “vaccine” – a huge spike in deaths from previous years of vaccine use. The CV vx religion is failing its followers.

As more and more Americans take a stand against Biden’s vaccine mandates, mounting evidence suggests the COVID injections could be even more dangerous than previously thought. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.