Vitamin D could end covid, if only the media would talk about it

(Natural News) One of the healthiest states right now as far as Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “cases” go is Florida, which just so happens to be sunny and warm. Many northern states, meanwhile, which are edging into autumn, are seeing a corresponding uptick in new cases.

Many of these northern states are much more “fully vaccinated” than Florida and other southern states, and yet their residents are getting sick and flooding hospitals in record numbers? How can this be? One answer could be the extra vitamin D that Floridians are getting due to their closer proximity to the equator.

It turns out that the Chinese Virus does not like vitamin D. And southern states that are saturated in more vitamin D from natural sunlight – these also include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Texas – are seeing a corresponding decline in illnesses.

At the very same time, northern states like Vermont, which is currently the most “fully vaccinated” state in the country is seeing a massive surge in hospitalizations. This is due not only to a lack of vitamin D exposure and intake but also to the fact that the jabs are decimating people’s immune systems and creating antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

While Mississippi, as another southern example, has seen a sharp decline in new cases of the Fauci Flu, Vermont is seeing its covid cases skyrocket.

“COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the state, one of the worst-hit in the nation, dropped from 1,667 on Aug. 19 to 403 on Thursday,” reported The Epoch Times about Mississippi.

“Vermont … went from one case on July 5 to 286 on Oct. 1, and eight hospitalizations in the month of June to 160 in the month of September, though the metrics have been declining in recent days.”

The government and media are either dumb or liars – or perhaps both

North Dakota is following a similar track to Vermont, even though it is not as “fully vaccinated.” North Dakota is, however, one of the northernmost states in the country, which again points to lack of vitamin D as a risk factor.

“In North Dakota, active cases jumped from 143 on July 5 to 4,485 on Oct. 7 while hospitalizations rose from 9 to 184,” The Epoch Times added.

Hilariously, the government and the mainstream media are going out of their way to obfuscate the truth about vitamin D. Not a single mainstream news outlet has even so much as mentioned vitamin D, while government officials such as Donald Trump appointee Scott Atlas are simply calling it a “seasonal” anomaly.

“We’ve seen some kind of seasonality, or really cycles where we have seen these surges,” added Adnan Munkarah, executive vice president and chief clinical officer for the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan.

These and other “experts” say they just cannot figure out why people in the north always seem to get sicker as winter approaches, while people in the south, which are less impacted by changes in the sun’s angle, fare much better….

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