Teens More Likely to Be Injured by Vaccines Than by COVID, Neuroscientist Says

The latest episode of CHD.TV’s “Against the Wind,” with host Dr. Paul Thomas, featured an interview with Pamela Popper, Ph.D., founder and president of Wellness Forum Health and author of “COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What’s Next.”

In the second part of the show, Christopher Shaw, Ph.D., neuroscientist, professor at the University of British Columbia and author, discussed concerns about aluminum in vaccines, the COVID mRNA vaccines for children and how he’s hopeful people will rise up.

Popper, who described the government response to COVID as “the crime of the century,” discussed propaganda, legal strategy, advice for employers and how a striking number of medical professionals are willing to comply with what she refers to as “escalating medical tyranny.”

“We’ve seen a remarkable willingness of many doctors to go along with this narrative,” Popper said. “It’s scary how many have bought into it.”

Popper offered legal advice to employers and healthcare institutions that discriminate against their unvaccinated workers. “When this is over, the lawsuits are going to go on forever. This is is going to be like Nazi hunting,” Popper said.

Thomas then shifted the conversation to Shaw who addressed aluminum as a toxic adjuvant in vaccines. He said scientists he knows at GlaxoSmithKline told him they are aware of alternatives to aluminum adjuvants, but won’t use them because of the expense.

Thomas asked Shaw if we should keep injecting children with vaccines that contain aluminum. “No, I don’t think we should,” Shaw said.

On the COVID vaccines, Shaw said, “We’re beginning to see that the rate of injury in 12- to 17-year-olds so far is somewhere between five to 20 times higher for mRNA vaccines than it is for the COVID disease itself.”…

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