PERK: A “Shot” Heard Around the World — Covid Resource Guide

A Resource Guide with almost 550 sources and links all in one place. “A Shot Heard Around the World,” is a compilation of information predominately coming from original sources, scientific journals, medical journals, peer reviewed studies, lawsuit filings, original letters, and includes direct links to the CDC, FDA, clinical trials, and manufactures own reports. In some categories, experts are warning there may be devastating problems with the mass inoculation policies. Because children are likely to be the next group authorized under the EUA, this stands as a warning to parents to be informed in your decision. It is extremely concerning for children to be next on the list for mass inoculation. For all medical decisions, informed consent is critical.

Let this compilation of hundreds of links, sources, and references, serve as a summary and launching pad for everyone’s own thorough investigation and research into the covid injections. Regardless, if someone has gotten one shot, two, or none, this information matters for all. In a time where information is being deleted, censored, banned, canceled, and withheld, many do not know where to find information to answer their questions. This summary is an essential resource.

A “SHOT” heard around the world is symbolic for a historic global moment. A careful evaluation may give credence to the thousands of experts who have been censored, removed from online, targeted, as they lay it all on the line to get this information to the public. May we hear the “SHOT heard around the word” before our children are unnecessarily harmed…..

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