Entire Wyoming High School “Locked Down” When Student Refuses Mask

A Wyoming teen was filming last week as she was placed under arrest for refusing to wear a face mask inside her school building.

In the footage, a Laramie High School official tells 16-year-old Grace Smith she’s not allowed to enter a hallway to go to class because she’s not wearing a mask.

More from WyomingNews.com:

Grace Smith returned to LHS on Thursday morning after serving two consecutive two-day suspensions for not complying with Albany County School District #1’s mask mandate, which says anyone inside a district building must have his or her face covered. The rule, brought on by an upsurge in COVID-19 cases, was put in place last month and will be reviewed by the school board next week, ahead of a scheduled Oct. 15 sunset.

After the high school junior refuses to put on a mask, an administrator comes up to her and has her sign paperwork indicating she’s being suspended.

Grace again refuses to don a mask and refuses to leave the school building.

At this point, an announcement goes out over the intercom that the school has been placed on lockdown, and an officer informs the student he intends to handcuff her and bring her down to the station…..


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