Biden regime weighs deploying National Guard to militarize broken supply chain

After intentionally keeping the supply chain broken, the Biden regime is now considering sending in the troops to “fix” it.

The White House says it might deploy National Guard troops to the nation’s ports to supposedly help address the supply chain “backlog” that is leaving many store shelves bare and causing prices to skyrocket.

While such a deployment is unlikely to happen immediately, Biden’s handlers and the figureheads who run his “administration” say that they are ready to get the military involved as an “outside-the-box” fix for the supply chain woes that our country currently faces.

Those involved with discussions about this claim that the White House is conducting “due diligence” on the matter and “assessing all potential ways to address the backlog.” Their “best” idea so far is to militarize the economy.

“One person with knowledge of the matter said the White House has not considered activating the National Guard at a federal level but could instead work through states to deploy service members,” reported MSN.

Given the logistical challenges involved with such a plan, many are wondering how deploying National Guard troops to address supply chain bottlenecks would realistically help to get things moving….

By economic strangulation, they’re constructing a command and control economy suitable for oppression and starvation on demand.  Holding us under water and providing a straw to breathe through.    Few guardsmen will disobey orders when there is no alternative employment available.  Thanks Brandon!

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