Social engineering: Parents find porn in public school libraries

Why not teach kids about the fun of running in traffic during rush hour?    Or taking fentanyl?   If the kids knew the purpose of marketing sex to people who aren’t in love, they’d recognize that this is all about oppression.     About imprisoning the spirit in the body instead of expanding out into the larger love.   A lobotomy of the heart and a dead end of the mind.   The same purpose as infant circumcision.   It’s all about slavery.

How Election Integrity Was Destroyed

Kristi Leigh interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur currently spearheading the legal battle for the Maricopa County election audit.

The doctor says not to expect any changes to come from the legal system, and that the only way to bring real change is through a working people’s movement.

Links to over 200 articles on 2020 presidential election theft

The Real Election Hack: Black Box Voting


4 Magic Words Got Him Out of Hell (Literally)

A fascinating account by an atheist professor of his near-death experience (NDE). Many people come back very changed by their “near deaths”. This man is especially articulate and was especially cynical before he “died”. It’s fun to see the shift.

Will be fun to see the shift in the consciousness of the many abusers in the news we post here, after their “deaths”. The main message from this video is, we are not bodies. Bodies come and go, but we are the constant in life – the Spirit/Breath that moves through us every moment of every day and all night through.

If you’d like to study this very important and valuable subject before your own departure from this world (without having to have a near-death experience), see my website, where I read daily lessons from A Course In Miracles, which challenge the mind control programming we have received on this planet. I post a lesson each day on Facebook and Twitter. Please “follow” me for daily updates.

Also, the beauty described by many who report NDEs is fleshed out in my book, Knowledge, The Essence of World Scriptures. It is full of uplifting, heart-filling quotes from every culture and every age. People love it! It’s a keeper! Buy it, read it, and make it your goal to experience the beauty that awaits you, within you, every day. Then ask, “Why isn’t this known to everyone?”

Howard Storm’s near death experiences where as an atheist he went to Hell and then was saved by Jesus and shown Heaven and Angels. This is his testimony.

Watch full unedited interview at:
Book: My Descent Into Death:

The GMO Potato: What Consumers Need to Know

You’re probably aware of the best-known GMO crops such as corn, soy, and canola. Did you know that there are also GMO potatoes? They have been around since 2015, but it is just now that they are becoming widely available in the American food supply. To address this new GMO concern, the Non-GMO Project has officially moved the potato from the Monitored-Risk list to the High-Risk list in the Non-GMO Project Standard.

The Non-GMO Project evaluates key criteria to determine when a crop needs to be upgraded to the High-Risk list. These criteria include the number of acres planted, the degree of presence in the supply chain, and the potential for use in human food or animal feed. When these factors reach a predetermined threshold, the crop is recommended for addition to the High-Risk list.

The genetically modified potato has now met this threshold. This means that products made with potato will be subject to extra scrutiny before they can become Non-GMO Project Verified.

The Genetically Modified Potato

Potatoes have a gene that causes them to bruise when damaged. In these new GMO potatoes, that gene has been silenced so it cannot be expressed. The potato still gets damaged, but the symptoms are hidden from view—and from the consumer. This is not the only modification made to these potatoes; they have also been altered to produce lower levels of acrylamide when cooked.

The GMO potato has been engineered through a method of gene silencing called RNA interference (RNAi). This genetic engineering technique results in a potato that hides the symptoms of blackspot bruising rather than preventing it. Currently, GMO potatoes are being marketed under the Simplot Innate brand, most commonly found under the trademark White Russet. The Non-GMO Project’s full-time research team has kept a watchful eye on these potatoes since their debut and continues to monitor their presence in the North American food supply.

To understand RNA interference, it is important to know that messenger RNA (mRNA) carries genetic instructions from the cell nucleus out to other parts of a cell. RNAi begins when a different type of RNA (dsRNA) is placed inside a cell. The dsRNA gets cut up by enzymes, paired up with proteins, and then ends up binding to a specific target site where it fits on the mRNA. This can prevent the mRNA from delivering all of its instructions, effectively “silencing” the desired gene. In the potato’s case, the gene being silenced is the one that causes browning….

And that’s all it does, except for pleiotropy and everything else that they don’t know about what they’re doing  and the consequences of hiding bruises and resultant infections and fermentation from shoppers.   Meanwhile the USDA can’t afford to conduct the studies needed to determine toxicity of any GMO food.

Consumate Stupidity Rules in GMO “Science”

Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth

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GMO contaminated rice: Products recalled around the world

Five hundred tonnes of Indian GMO rice have been mistakenly used in many countries to make, among other things, sweets for the Mars company. The affected products that are being sold in the European Union are being recalled.

The European Union site RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) identifies illegalities in food products. In June 2021[1], the discovery of batches of GMO rice flour illegally imported from India was mentioned. A second notification concerning this same rice was filed on the RASFF website in August 2021[2]. In both cases, it was France that warned the European Commission of the illegal presence.

Many countries affected

These batches of flour were marketed in several European countries (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and Ukraine), as well as in the United States, Iraq, Mauritius, Qatar, Dubai, Lebanon, Senegal and Turkey.

The RASFF specifies that the issue concerns 500 tons of broken Indian white rice which was imported into Europe, transformed into rice flour, resold and put on the market in many European countries as an ingredient in (among other things) chocolate sweets from the Mars company (M&M’s Crispy) and baked goods. In France, information published on the government site Recall Conso [3][4][5] specifies the lot numbers involved in the recall of M&M’s Crispy….

Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth

Oct 9 2018: The Ex-Director of J.R. Simplot and team leader at Monsanto, Caius Rommens, has revealed the hidden dangers of the GMO potatoes he created, in a wide ranging interview for Sustainable Pulse, on the same day that his book ‘Pandora’s Potatoes: The Worst GMOs’ was released on Amazon.

How many years did you spend working on creating GM potatoes? Was this all lab-based work or did you get out to see the farms that were growing the potatoes?

During my 26 years as a genetic engineer, I created hundreds of thousands of different GM potatoes at a direct cost of about $50 million. I started my work at universities in Amsterdam and Berkeley, continued at Monsanto, and then worked for many years at J. R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest potato processors in the world. I had my potatoes tested in greenhouses or the field, but I rarely left the laboratory to visit the farms or experimental stations. Indeed, I believed that my theoretical knowledge about potatoes was sufficient to improve potatoes. This was one of my biggest mistakes.

Have the GM potatoes you helped create been approved by the FDA and EPA in the U.S. or indeed elsewhere in the world?

It is amazing that the USDA and FDA approved the GM potatoes by only evaluating our own data. How can the regulatory agencies assume there is no bias? When I was at J.R. Simplot, I truly believed that my GM potatoes were perfect, just like a parent believes his or her children are perfect. I was biased and all genetic engineers are biased. It is not just an emotional bias. We need the GM crops to be approved. There is a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed, to justify our existence by developing modifications that create hundreds of millions of dollars in value. We test our GM crops to confirm their safety, not to question their safety.

The regulatory petitions for deregulation are full with meaningless data but hardly include any attempts to reveal the unintended effects. For instance, the petitions describe the insertion site of the transgene, but they don’t mention the numerous random mutations that occurred during the tissue culture manipulations. And the petitions provide data on compounds that are safe and don’t matter, such as the regular amino acids and sugars, but hardly give any measurements on the levels of potential toxins or allergens.

The Canadian and Japanese agencies approved our GMO potatoes as well, and approvals are currently considered in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, and the Philippines.

What was your role at Monsanto and J.R. Simplot?

I led a small team of 15 scientists at Monsanto, and I directed the entire biotech R&D effort at Simplot (up to 50 scientists). My initial focus was on disease control but I eventually considered all traits with commercial value. I published hundreds of patents and scientific studies on the various aspects of my work.

Why did you leave firstly Monsanto and then later J.R. Simplot?

I left Monsanto to start an independent biotech program at J.R. Simplot, and I left J.R. Simplot when my ‘pro-biotech’ filter was wearing thin and began to shatter; when I discovered the first mistakes. These first mistakes were minor but made me feel uncomfortable. I realized there had to be bigger mistakes still hidden from my view.

Why have you decided to reveal information about the failings of GM potatoes after spending many years creating them?

I dedicated many years of my life to the creation of GMO potatoes, and I initially believed that my potatoes were perfect but then I began to doubt. It again took me many years to take a step back from my work, reconsider it, and discover the mistakes. Looking back at myself and my colleagues, I believe now that we were all brainwashed; that we all brainwashed ourselves. We believed that the essence of life was a dead molecule, DNA, and that we could improve life by changing this molecule in the lab. We also assumed that theoretical knowledge was all we needed to succeed, and that a single genetic change would always have one intentional effect only.

We were supposed to understand DNA and to make valuable modifications, but the fact of the matter was that we knew as little about DNA as the average American knows about the Sanskrit version of the Bhagavad Gita. We just knew enough to be dangerous, especially when combined with our bias and narrowmindedness. We focused on short-term benefits (in the laboratory) without considering the long-term deficits (in the field). It was the same kind of thinking that produced DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, recombinant bovine growth hormone, and so on. I believe that it is important for people to understand how little genetic engineers know, how biased they are, and how wrong they can be. My story is just an example…..

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Notice of Potential Liability for Lack of Informed Consent When Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

America’s Frontline Doctors have created a letter that can be downloaded and given to pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and vaccine administrators to notify them of potential liability from lack of informed consent when administering COVID-19 vaccines. Please share this on social media and print it out to give to anyone considering this experimental gene therapy.

America’s Frontline Doctors have created a letter that can be downloaded and given to school superintendents, school board executives, school principals, teachers and administrators to notify them of liability when requiring COVID-19 vaccines. Please share this on social media and print it out to give to anyone considering this experimental gene therapy.

Europe’s Energy Crisis Is a Warning Sign for America

An energy crisis is rocking the world, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1970s. Although headlines about energy costs in faraway nations may not breach busy families’ political radar, the energy shortages and skyrocketing prices spreading across Europe and Asia are a warning sign for America.

If we allow the anti-energy, anti-prosperity climate cartel to control the political process—if Green New Deal-style policies become reality—our nation’s future will be dire indeed.

In Britain, electricity reserves could fall to as low as 4 percent of demand, with blackouts this winter all but inevitable, and petrol stations continue to sit empty. India’s “unprecedented” coal shortage has officials warning of impending power cuts as coal plants that normally carry 15 to 30 days’ reserves—and power most of the nation—now have enough fuel for two days or less.

Even China, an energy and economic powerhouse, is being forced to halt production of everything from aluminum to soybeans, further worsening global supply chain issues and potentially threatening the world’s food supply.

And this crisis isn’t limited to countries that actively embrace fossil fuels. Even Germany, decades into its unsuccessful Energiewende transition to renewable energy and supposedly a world leader in green power, is feeling the crunch. One German power plant completely ran out of coal. All those eggs in the renewable basket still weren’t enough to insulate Germany—which, despite its bombastic commitment to wind and solar, still gets most of its energy from fossil fuels—from energy shortages and skyrocketing prices.

Germans already pay the highest electricity prices in the European Union, and residents are now warned to expect rising gas bills, too.

The consequences of these energy shortages aren’t as simple as just paying a little bit more for energy. If only it were that simple.

Britain is warning its subjects to expect not only blackouts, but also energy prices rising by as much as 30 percent. This is a steep cost for even well-to-do families, let alone low-income and fixed-income households in a nation already wracked by energy poverty. Freezing deaths are on the rise in England, where over 3,000 people die needlessly every year because they can’t afford to keep their homes at a safe temperature in the winter. Studies confirm a direct correlation between rising natural gas prices and wintertime deaths.

Brits are unfortunately learning firsthand the little-known climate fact that cold is far, far deadlier than heat. And they won’t be the last country to acquire this lesson if this energy crisis isn’t stopped.

The United States hasn’t been hit hard by this crisis, but it’s only a matter of time. Though gas prices are high, so are the prices for everything else, and the precarious nature of our nation’s energy independence is still unknown to many. But if our nation capitulates to pressure by climate alarmists to kill the American energy industry, we’ll be headed down the same path as Europe and Asia.

The threat doesn’t just come from political leaders, although President Joe Biden’s continued campaign against responsible American energy producers is a major challenge. The rise of discriminatory environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing—in which Wall Street firms make investment and lending choices based on political motivations—means many major banks no longer fund oil and gas exploration even if the investment would be lucrative. There are now half as many oil rigs operating as there were in 2018 even though the price per barrel is almost equal, largely due to financial pressure from Wall Street….

The Real Enemy: YOU