Trust the Corruption – Scientists Who Penned Lancet Letter Against Lab Theory Have Links To China

An investigation by The Daily Telegraph reveals that all but one scientist who wrote a letter in The Lancet medical journal dismissing even the slightest possibility COVID-19 originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, have ties to Chinese researchers. This stunning revelation suggests that 26 of the 27 scientists listed in the letter might of had a conflict of interest. 

The letter, published in March of last year, sought to quash any debate among the scientific community or the media over the origins of the virus – until international intelligence findings in 2021 brought the matter back to the spotlight.

The man who orchestrated the article is Dr. Peter Daszak, CEO of EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit which was armed with millions in NIH funding to work with Wuhan scientists to experiment with coronaviruses and ‘gain of function‘ research. Last week, a FOIA email release by The Intercept revealed that EcoHealth Alliance was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells….

Peter Daszak (left), Anthony Fauci

Daszak – a noted friend and colleague of Fauci – was also tapped to head up The Lancet’s UN backed commission to investigate the origins of the coronavirus that caused a global pandemic, according to Summit News…..

Here’s fauci performing the freemason sign of the “hidden hand”.   Or maybe he has an itch.   But for some reason he seems suddenly self-conscious about his hands:

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