Hack of British gun registration database proves again why Americans should never agree to one

(Natural News) At present, the going legal philosophy is that a federal gun registry is unconstitutional, as it is viewed as an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment doesn’t specifically prohibit a federal ‘list’ of all the guns owned by citizens, but that is likely because our founders did not envision a time when Americans would allow their central government rulers to become so tyrannical.

But there are additional reasons why Americans should always oppose a federal gun registry, especially in a time of the “internet of things” — namely, cyber warriors and black hat actors are hacking gun registry sites in England and that means every Brit on that list is now in danger.

The Register reports why this is a big deal:

The names and home addresses of 111,000 British firearm owners have been dumped online as a Google Earth-compatible CSV file that pinpoints domestic homes as likely firearm storage locations – a worst-case scenario for victims of the breach.

As an exercise in amplifying a data theft to levels that endanger public safety, the latest evolution of the Guntrader database break-in is likely to become an infosec case study in how security breaches can become worse over time as stolen information is put to ever more intrusive uses.

The breach was likely done by an animal rights group — remember that in the UK, the rights of citizens to bear arms for protection from criminals as well as from government overreach is not a recognized inalienable right — as a means of putting guns used for hunting in danger of being stolen. We know this because the database was leaked online via an animal rights activist’s blog in database form that can be imported into Google Earth so that anyone ‘interested’ in where these guns are can “contact as many [owners] as you can in your area and ask them if they are involved in shooting animals.”

So it’s a harassment campaign, for certain, but also these guns are now ‘known’ to those who would love to steal as many of them as possible….


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