Gates: ‘For the next pandemic, we’ll have gigantic mRNA factories in India’

… Now that the world understands its vulnerability to a pandemic, there will be a huge amount of research and invention of new tools. The diagnostics – we could scale that up much faster. The therapeutics we could do a lot better. We should have a goal that we hav e so much factory capacity that, even within 200 days, we could make enough vaccines for the entire world.

Will this work, to be ready for the next pandemic, and will it have benefits beyond the pandemic preparedness? The answer is absolutely yes. The mRNA platform, we’re working with that German company, BioNTech, to do an HIV vaccine using their mRNA technology. We have a malaria vaccine. We think that we can do a very low-cost flu vaccine and bring the worldwide level of flu down dramatically. Ideally, we would eradicate some of these respiratory viruses because they actually create quite a significant health burden even in normal years, and of course, they can mutate into a form that could cause the next pandemic. I’m hoping that all countries will increase their research in these areas. …

You don’t have to be a brainiac to see who benefits from bioweapon lab proliferation and the inevitable “leaks”.   It’s a hell of a business model.  What do they have in store for us next?

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