Fully vaxxed teen boys have more Vaccine-Induced heart problems than have COVID

What, pray tell, allows vaccine damage to continue, other than fear of a boogey-man virus that has never been scientifically identified, while the flu has all but disappeared? Have flu deaths been repackaged as “Covid-19” deaths?

Could monetary profit possibly be a factor in the vaccine rollout and damage it is creating?

Who, pray tell, is profiting mightily from the vaccine companies that produce these wares and how will we ever know, since corporate shareholders names are kept secret?

  • A study out of the University of California shows the risk of myocarditis is greater after two doses of the Pfizer vaccine than being hospitalized for COVID for boys ages 12-15.
  • If new information is being revealed about the risk/benefit ratio of the vaccines now, why is there such certainty around their safety?
  • Can we trust the majority of adverse reactions are even being accounted for and documented?
  • How do we know the long term heart complications for teenage boys being effected by myocarditis from the vaccine?

Read the entire article and see the comparison chart on this page:


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