Dr. Zelenko: “We are Witnessing Worldwide Planned Genocide, Hitler on Steroids”

Dr. Zelenko rejoins the program to discuss the latest rounds of mandates and the PROVEN globalist conspiracy to depopulate and reset the global economy. We discuss the difference between conspiracy theory and real proven conspiracies; specifically, how they use these terms to discredit truth and to get away with massive crime. Zelenko also shares his views of God and how we can use these difficult times to grow our spiritual consciousness.

You can learn more about the powerful “over the counter Hydroxychloriquine” Z-stack supplement formulated by Dr. Zelenko at DrZelenkoZstack.com

Dr. “Zev” also wrote the forward to the book “Globalist Predators: We are the Prey”: WeAreThePrey.com

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MUSIC CREDITS: “Do you trust me” by Michael Vignola: licensed for broad internet media use, including video and audio.

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