Coincidence: 70’s German Film Eerily Predicted Covid Pandemic, Vaccine Mandates, Lockdowns, Masks & More

A 1979 German film titled, “The Hamburg Syndrome,” turned out to be closer to reality than fiction.

From a mysterious virus that even healthy people need to be vaccinated against to a rushed vaccine that is harmful to many people, the film was nearly prophetic.

Masked protesters march against the unvaccinated and government officials haul off those who refuse the vaccine in the dystopian flick.

The globalist nightmare being waged on humanity has been in the works for decades and the depopulation agenda they have dreamed of is now officially underway.

The elite have pushed several other works of art hinting towards different pandemic scenarios, such as the show “Utopia” where humans are sterilized via vaccination after a weak virus was released on the public.

Another creepily specific film was Michael Bay’s “Songbird,” which predicted a never-ending, global lockdown.

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