Before there were clot shots, there were “well baby” visits

It doesn’t speak highly of this society that adults are only starting to pay attention to out-of-control medical corruption now that their own bodies are on the line.   American children have been decimated by medical corruption, and not just via toxic vaccines.   It takes a lot of blind obedience to subject a perfectly healthy child to injections of unknown industrial effluents without a second thought.   Look around you at the supermarkets and you’ll see what mass mind control and obedience has wrought.

Aluminum Body Retention Study Exposes CDC’s Vaccine Cruelty

Exley: Satanic Elite Shuts Down World-Renowned Aluminum Expert’s Research

Mawson Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Kids Re-posted, Re-Censored

Censored: Even Low Dose Vitamin D More Effective than Vaccine Against Flu

FDA Approves A Six-in-One Vaccine Associated with Sudden Infant Death

Robert Kennedy, Jr. is right about vaccines: A medically induced ‘holocaust’ is now upon us

Coincidence: Covid-related reduction in infant vaccinations commensurate with reduction in SIDS rate

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