Is the CIA pushing forced vaccination on Americans via medical neglect?

The appearance of a physician from the CIA’s venture capital arm in a Washington Post op-ed arguing those who have not been vaccinated should not be prioritised for medical treatments raises some alarming questions.

In recent weeks, health professionals, journalists, politicians and pundits across the Western world have in growing numbers openly discussed if not outright advocated harsh, coercive punishments for those who refuse to accept a Covid-19 vaccination.

For many, including physicians themselves, it’s a deeply disturbing development. Yet the mainstream media has so far neither challenged the suggestion in any serious way, nor given the large number of medical practitioners steadfastly opposed to the notion a platform of any kind.

In an illustrative example of this perturbing phenomenon, a recent Washington Post op-ed by Ruth Marcus declared that “vaccinated patients should be given priority over those who have refused vaccination” – in other words, medical neglect for the unvaccinated.

While acknowledging the proposal “conflicts radically with accepted medical ethics,” she defended her stance on the basis that the unvaccinated aren’t in the same “moral position” as for example a prolific smoker who contracts lung cancer or a drunk driver who kills a family, as “it’s hard to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight or even take up exercise.”

To reinforce her illiberal illogic, Marcus quoted an “emergency physician”, Dan Hanfling, who suggested it would be entirely “fair” if individuals “who have willingly chosen not to vaccinate, for illegitimate reasons” were put “at the back of the line,” concurring with the author’s conclusion that doctors would be “behaving rationally and justly” by refusing to treat them equally.

In this capacity, he serves as vice president of B.Next, a flagship In-Q-Tel endeavor seeking to “weave biology and technology into the DNA of US national security,” which throughout the pandemic has been “preparing tools and resources to support the medical community as well as decision makers, technologists, and other stakeholders to help understand, manage, and respond to Covid-19.” Creepy stuff indeed, but what’s even more sinister is that Hanfling is leading member of the Technical Staff at In-Q-Telventure capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, whose raison d’etre is to ensure US spies maintain their “competitive edge” in all spheres of technology.

Recent posts on its website include a paper on “considerations for using digital technologies” in contact tracing, and a “high-level guide” to sensors that can monitor Covid-19 symptoms remotely. The latter is rather concerning when one considers that not only is In-Q-Tel investing in skincare products that collect DNA, but in the second edition of its quarterly magazine, since-deleted from the Web, the organization outlined its desire to “exploit physiological intelligence.” …

Guinea takeover highlights how US military training programs are still breeding violent coups

Mamady Doumbouya’s seizure of power in Guinea should be no surprise, as recent history shows there have been a number of coups in Africa by soldiers who have previously received military training from America.

On September 5, a group of elite soldiers seized power in Guinea, imprisoning President Alpha Condé, suspending the constitution, declaring an indefinite curfew, closing the country’s borders, and freeing dozens of political prisoners.

Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the country’s new leader, has pledged to lead a national unity government, assuring foreign investors that their interests in the country won’t be adversely affected by the change, although bauxite prices have already been sent spiralling.

The coup prompted a highly unusual response from China, which, in apparent contravention of its longstanding policy of non-interference in foreign affairs, condemned the action and called for Condé’s release. This unprecedented intervention may be explained by Guinea being one of several African countries in which Beijing has expanded its mining operations in recent months. US officials have also expressed disapproval, with the State Department hinting that punitive sanctions could be imposed.

Conakry’s new president is a rather intriguing character. The media biographies that have been published to date begin with his return from the French Foreign Legion to join the Special Forces Group, an elite military unit created by Condé. However, a particularly striking aspect of his career is yet to be acknowledged by a single mainstream outlet: Doumbouya and the unit he leads have received extensive special-operations training from the US military overseas.

Flintlock was launched in 2005 to provide counter-terror support to West African nations. Ironically, given recent developments in Guinea, the training is intended to complement the  conducted by bogus humanitarian agency USAID promoting “good governance” and “security” in the region. Two years later, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) was inaugurated, which effectively embedded Washington in the armed forces of 53 countries across the continent.An October 2018 Facebook post by the US Embassy in Guinea pictures Doumbouya in front of the diplomatic mission’s offices, alongside US military personnel, and notes that he was preparing to participate in exercises abroad under the auspices of Exercise Flintlock. A video dated February 2019 features the lieutenant-colonel discussing the program.

Ever since, Flintlock-trained soldiers have been at the forefront of the majority of coups in West Africa. In August 2020, Colonel Assimi Goita, who’d participated in a US-led training exercise the previous year and graduated from a separate US training course in 2016, seized power in Mali. Photos of Goita receiving a certificate from his trainers at a US-German security centre were abruptly purged from the web.

Only eight years prior, Captain Amadou Sanogo, who’d been trained by the US on six separate occasions, led a coup of his own in Mali, which, in turn, emboldened the country’s Islamist insurgency, leading to French military intervention in 2013. AFRICOM officials referred to Sanogo’s actions as “very worrisome for us”, and US General Carter Ham, who had led the operation at the time, admitted there had been significant failings.

“We were focusing our training almost exclusively on tactical or technical matters. We didn’t spend probably the requisite time focusing on values, ethics and a military ethos,” he lamented. “When you put on the uniform of your nation, you accept the responsibility to defend and protect that nation, to abide by the legitimate civilian authority that has been established, to conduct yourselves according to the rule of law. We didn’t do that to the degree that we needed to.”…

CNN, NYT, WaPo & other MSM outlets IGNORE report showing US funded coronavirus research in Wuhan before pandemic

America’s biggest media outlets refused to cover the news this week that the US funded bat coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology years before the Covid-19 pandemic – a fact Dr. Anthony Fauci has denied.

More than 900 documents were obtained by The Intercept, following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) that revealed the NIH gave millions of dollars in grants to the US NGO EcoHealth Alliance. Nearly $600,000 was used at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, at least partially “to identify and alter bat coronaviruses likely to infect humans.”

“Even before the pandemic, many scientists were concerned about the potential dangers associated with such experiments,” The Intercept reported, publishing quotes from several people concerned about the relation between the research and the health crisis affecting the world today.

The grant used to research bat coronaviruses was active between 2014 and 2019. Former president Donald Trump shut down a decision to renew the funding in 2020, after Covid-19 became a global pandemic.

ALSO ON RT.COMDeadly bat caves & humanized mice tests: Released docs describe ‘HIGHEST RISK’ involved in US-funded coronavirus research in WuhanDespite the newsworthiness of The Intercept’s bombshell report, the US’ largest media outlets – including the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC – failed to air or publish any coverage. Fox News on Thursday scanned through transcripts from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC News and found the report had not even been mentioned this week. Similarly, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, Axios, USA Today, and even the Associated Press failed to report on the concerning development online…..

Team of top scientists researching Covid origins disbanded amid controversy and conflicts of interest

A task force of senior scientists investigating the origins of Covid-19 has been disbanded, their leader revealed. Its investigation had been plagued from the outset by accusations of corruption and conflict of interest.

Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs told the Wall Street Journal on Saturday that, after a year of work, he has disbanded the team, due to its former leader having used US government funds to study coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in China – the facility from which many believe the virus originally leaked.

“I just didn’t want a task force that was so clearly involved with one of the main issues of this whole search for the origins, which was EcoHealth Alliance,” he said, referring to the private research firm that received $600,000 in grants from the US National Institutes of Health to study bat-borne coronavirus at the lab between 2015 and 2019….

High levels of microplastics found in babies’ poop

Babies are already exposed to a lot of plastic — even more than adults, according to a study.

A new study showed that an average of 36,000 nanograms of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) microplastics (MP) can be found in every one gram of infant feces, compared to 2,600 nanograms for adults. This shows that infants are exposed to higher levels of MPs than adults are, said the authors.

Microplastics are created when plastics break down into pieces less than five millimeters long — and they have been found everywhere in the world, from Mount Everest to the ocean floors. However, it remains staggering to find such high volumes in infants.

The researchers collected dirty diapers from six one-year-old children and filtered the poop out for microplastics. They also tested three samples of meconium, an infant’s first poop, and ten adult stool samples. They tested all of the samples for two types of microplastics: PET, which is used to make clothing and plastic bottles, and polycarbonate (PC) plastic, which serves as an alternative to glass.

The meconium samples were found to have up to 12,000 nanograms per gram of PET, and 110 nanograms per gram of PC plastics.

Microplastics found in all the infant samples, however, averaged 36,000 nanograms per gram for PET, and 78 nanograms per gram for PC.

Adult stool samples also have PET and PC in them, but at a much lower concentration than the infant stool samples.

Using their data, the researchers were able to estimate the average daily exposure of both adults and infants to microplastics based on their diets. They calculated that infants are exposed to 83,000 nanograms of PET per kilogram of body weight, and 860 nanograms of C per kilogram of body weight. For adults, the numbers decreased to 5,800 nanograms of PET and 200 nanograms of PC. (Related: With plastic pollution in the oceans at 16xs more than previously thought, is it even possible to clean it up?.)

Microplastic ingestion in infants not surprising

This is not surprising, as a recent study found that the process of preparing baby formula in plastic bottles prompted them to shed microplastics, therefore infants could be swallowing millions of microplastics every day. In 2020, it was also reported that microplastics can be found in the placenta.

Moreover, babies have a tendency to stick plastic toys or clothing in their mouths. Even baby foods are often wrapped in plastic. Baby utensils and sippy cups are also made from plastic, as is the indoor environment as a whole.

Kurunthachalam Kannan, co-author of the study and an environmental health scientist from the New York University School of Medicine, said that with the modern lifestyle, babies are exposed to so many different things and that we don’t know what kind of effect they can have later in their life.

Scientists are not sure how ingesting microplastics could affect humans. The main concern, however, is the chemicals that these microplastics contain, which can be part of their manufacturing process or could adhere to them in the environment. A particular concern is the possibility of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can impact reproductive, metabolic and neurological health. This is especially a big deal for infants, whose endocrine systems are still developing.

Deonie Allen, a research fellow from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, who wasn’t involved in the studies said that it is necessary to look at everything a child is exposed to, not just their toys and bottles.

To protect their newborn babies, parents are advised not to heat formulas in plastic bottles. Instead, it is better to heat them in glass bottles and move them to the plastic bottles once it cools down to room temperature. Plastic wrappings and containers are also discouraged.

Find more information about microplastics and how they can affect your health and the environment at

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No mention of breast feeding?  SERIOUSLY?   This is not journalism.

And it’s not just plastics.   Mixing aluminum-contaminated babyjunk food with fluoridated water is a recipe for brain damage.   That’s why “fluoride-fortified” bottled water is sold in the same grocery aisle as the babyjunk food.  They really go out of their way to hurt children.

Do they have satanic rituals when they formulate this crap?   What do you think?

OMG: Aluminum contamination in baby formula

Despite Horrifying State Violence, Brave Australians Continue to Resist COVID Police State

Unless you’ve been under a rock, or you only get your information from mainstream media — who is all but completely ignoring it — you’ve likely seen the utterly disturbing police state measures being rolled out in Australia in the ostensible reaction to the pandemic. Though the pandemic has largely spared the country when comparing them to other places, the tyranny being rolled out is unprecedented.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Australian government has been increasingly restricting freedom until people were essentially locked in their homes and told not to talk to one another.

Military helicopters patrolled neighborhoods, ordering those who simply wanted to get a breath of fresh air, to get back inside. Jackboots on horses patrolled the streets as folks who attempted to organize protests were visited by police and snatched up in the night. 

The Australian government’s boot had been placed on the necks of its people and showed no signs of letting up. But a people can only be pushed so far before they eventually become so desperate that their fight or flight instinct kicks in — and three weeks ago, thousands of folks decided to start fighting.

Though protests were deemed unlawful, thousands of Aussies took to the streets to tell the tyrants that they weren’t going to take it anymore. It got violent quickly.

Last weekend, thousands of protesters who were being blocked by police from demonstrating, decided enough was enough and they decided to resist with violence.

This was a victory — albeit a temporary one — in which brave men and women told the state that they aren’t going to take it anymore. But the Australian government had no plans for backing down, so they brought out the big guns, literally.

Multiple video have surfaced since last weekend showing Australian militarized police in tactical gear, opening fire on unarmed citizens for simply being outside.

One of the most disturbing videos captured the scene at the Shrine of Remembrance protest on Tuesday, during which hundreds of militarized police opened fire on completely peaceful protestors who simply wanted their voices to be heard.

In one instance, an Australian citizen asked a cop why he was going along with such tyranny, to which the cop responded, “I’m just doing my job.” As TFTP has pointed out on multiple occasions, hundreds of millions of people have been killed in the last century alone — by people just doing their jobs.

The violence continued throughout the week as people simply trying to buy groceries were fired on by jackboot thugs with less than lethal rounds. Others were beaten into submission and sucker punched by coward cops seething with authority.

Despite facing all these state-sanctioned atrocities, the people of Australia — at least the ones who value freedom — remain resilient. They continue to take to the streets in spite of facing horrifying violence from police. Bravo.

Independent journalist and resident Australian, Caitlin Johnstone, summed up this resistance quite succinctly in an article decrying this violence. As Johnstone points out, there are two choices: accept the fact that the government can enact violence on innocent peaceful people, or don’t.

Do we want to live in a country where protesters are fired upon by dangerous projectile weapons if the police decide it’s time for them to leave? Where protests are violently quashed if the government (the only so-called democracy in the world without any kind of statute or bill of rights, mind you) decides they don’t have permission to protest? Where armored stormtroopers patrol the streets? Where people are apprehended simply for filming police? Where police show up at your doorstep to interrogate you on whether you’re planning to attend any protests or know of anyone who is?

Australians are at a crossroads now but to understand how they got to this point, we have to look back at their history.

In 1996, Australia launched a massive anti-gun propaganda campaign after a single deranged lunatic murdered 35 people in a heinous act of violence. The tragedy took place in the city of Port Author and following the crime, and in the wake of national agony, then Prime Minister John Howard moved to take back all the gun rights Australians had since the country’s founding. The government took at least 650,000 guns, or about one-fifth of all guns in the country; higher estimates put the numbers at 1 million and one-third.

Since then, only criminals and government in Australia have had guns. Looking at the current situation — the massively violent covid police state — the impetus behind the disarming of the population seems incredibly ironic given the fact that the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history was actually carried out by the government. 

Prior to Port Arthur, the worst mass shooting in recent history for Australians was the Coniston massacre. At the Coniston massacre, the government sanctioned the wholesale slaughter Indigenous Australians. More than 170 men, women, and children were gunned down in a state-approved act of mass murder. Just like the current violence is sanctioned by the state, this massacre in Coniston was entirely legal.

Since they were disarmed, most Australians have been defenseless against the 260,000 illegal guns that are currently on the streets. And now, they are defenseless against the jackboot thugs trampling their human rights in the name of defeating a pandemic.

So, while this resistance to tyranny is inspiring, if and when the government decides to enact deadly force against the citizens — which may not be that far away — without the ability to fight fire with fire, the Aussies are but fish in a bucket to their rulers. The only way out of this one is changing the mind of the enforcers.

Port Arthur Massacre: Australia’s Disarmament False Flag

Australian Senator’s report reveals prior knowledge of Port Arthur incident

REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ: 70,000 Ballots Duplicated or with Material Issues (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Activities Referred to Authorities

The result of yesterday’s presentation of the audit results from the audit of the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County is clear –  the 2020 Election results in Maricopa County should never have been certified with Joe Biden as the winner.

When you step back and look at the results of the audit of Maricopa County in Arizona regarding the 2020 Election, the answer is clear.   The current results should never have been certified – period.

The audit presentation yesterday started off with Dr. Shiva, a brilliant man with a resume that is one of the best in the country.  Dr. Shiver uncovered more than 17,000 duplicated policies included in the certified election results in Arizona.  These duplicate policies were greater than the 10,000 ballot margin of victory given to Biden in the state.


Next was Cyber Ninja’s Doug Logan.  He shared much of what was released in a leak the night before.  His team identified more than 57,000 ballots with issues that never should have been included in the state’s certified results, but they were.

Combined, between the duplicates identified by Dr. Shiva and the issues identified by Mr. Logan, there were more than 70,000 issues included in Arizona’s certified results.  This is seven times the margin of victory certified for Joe Biden.

The third presenter was the best.  Ben Cotton discussed IT and Cybersecurity issues.  He noted numerous items have still not been provided to his team despite subpoenas being provided to the County months ago.

Cotton also identified numerous items that were deleted or missing from the information provided to his team.  The highlight of the presentations was when Cotton noted that his team identified the individuals who deleted items requested and that he has provided their names to authorities in the state.  The audience cheered when he said this.

Overall there was justification for the audit and support for the fact the current results in Arizona should never have been certified.  It is clear President Trump carried the state no matter what the corrupt media says.

FDA: Will We Lose Resveratrol?

This powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and life-extending supplement could face the FDA’s axe. We need to stop it. Action Alert!

Resveratrol, a plant-derived polyphenol found in grapes, could be eliminated in supplement form like pyridoxamine (B6) was a number of years ago due to an FDA back-channel that lets Big Pharma turn supplements into drugs. If Big Pharma asks the FDA to remove resveratrol, the agency’s job of eliminating these supplements is made much easier if it gets the “mandatory filing” requirement that it wants. We need to fight for major changes in the law and to block this “mandatory list” from ever passing to protect our access to important supplements.

Resveratrol has been available as a supplement for years. But we know from FDA documents that the agency rejected a “new supplement” notification for resveratrol, stating that resveratrol doesn’t meet the legal definition of a supplement because a drug company started investigating it as a drug in 2001, and the agency has no evidence that resveratrol was sold as a supplement before that date. This means that the drug company could, at any time, petition the FDA to remove resveratrol supplements from the market. This is what happened to pyridoxamine, a form of B6, and it still isn’t available as a supplement even though no drug ever came to market; it could also happen to CBD and l-glutamine.

Under the Dietary Health and Supplement Education Act (DSHEA), any dietary supplement introduced to the market in the US after 1994 is considered “new” (a new dietary ingredient, or NDI) and the manufacturer must notify the FDA in advance of marketing the product. According to FDA rules, if a drug company starts investigating an ingredient as a drug before a “new supplement” notification has been successfully filed, the drug company can ask the FDA to have the supplement version removed from the market.

It has now been 27 years since DSHEA was passed, and the supplement industry has been waiting for the NDI policy ever since. Supplement companies do not know which supplements require an NDI notification or the requirements and protocol necessary for such a submission. In the meantime, pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the confusion by snatching up nutrients and turning them into drugs. There are other serious problems with the NDI guidance we’ve covered many times.

We’ve been advocating for a number of changes to the FDA’s guidance that would protect supplements, including a broader definition of “grandfathered” supplements that are pre-1994 and do not need “new supplement” notifications. But even significant changes to the guidance may not be enough to save certain products. For example, ANH is supporting legislation to specifically exempt CBD supplements from the requirement that a substance be sold as a supplement before it is investigated as a drug. In the event that resveratrol gets targeted by the FDA, similar legislation may be required to protect access.

Separately, we’ve been telling you about a push to create a “mandatory filing” requirement for supplements. Creating a list of the entire supplement industry seems innocuous but is far from it. If the FDA does decide to move against resveratrol, or CBD, or l-glutamine for the reasons described above, a master list of all the supplements on the market makes the FDA’s task that much easier. A “mandatory filing” requirement could also impose steep financial burdens on companies depending on the information that is required for each filing, which could include product names, the list of ingredients in each supplement, labels, and additional filings for changes, reformulations, or discontinuations. The “mandatory filing” could also require that every supplement on the list needs a registration number, which would delay new products coming to the market.

In short, the “mandatory filing” requirement will both increase costs and make it much easier for the FDA to eliminate products on specious grounds.

This is the “gold standard” agency that blocks life-saving cancer treatments at the border.     It was a miracle that it temporarily slowed the western covid “vaccine” depopulation plan.  Hopelessly, viciously corrupt.

Nicki Minaj Fans Invite Trump Supporters To Join Them For Anti-Fauci, Anti-CDC, Anti-Vaccine Protest

After American rap icon Nicki Minaj expressed skepticism regarding the controversial COVID-19 vaccines, and urged her fans to pray about whether to take one of the vaccines and not be bullied into making a health decision, fans rallied behind her and formed a near-spontaneous protest outside the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, the left wing luminaries behind this protest have planned several more, and have invited conservative Trump supporters to join them in solidarity against the vaccines.

The protests have been organized by the “anti-capitalist Black Hammer Organization’s Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodzo,” wrote Cassandra Fairbanks for The Gateway Pundit. Kodzo spoke to Fairbanks at length about their goals for the protest, their decision to invite supporters of 45th President Donald Trump, and their hope for Americans to “put political differences aside and fight together against the vaccine mandates.”

Kodzo told Fairbanks that the vaccine passports and mandates represent “a human issue” that should break down traditional political barriers. “A real core value of our humanity is literally being ripped from us,” Kodzo told The Gateway Pundit, before adding that “he is willing to stand with ‘anyone who is willing to go side by side with me to fight for that core value.’”

Fairbanks noted that Kodzo has been ostracized by other communist and socialist groups for protesting with trump supporters but that “he thinks standing against mandatory vaccines is a fundamental issue that is more important than anything else right now.” According to Fairbanks, Kodzo believes “there is nothing more important than people in his community having to choose between putting something they don’t want inside their bodies and being able to feed their families.”