CDC Lacking Data on Breakthrough COVID-19 Infections

Back in May, the CDC decided to only track severe breakthrough COVID cases in order to better monitor overall conditions. But, according to a piece in Politico, the agency is using outdated and unreliable data and it’s impacting the Biden administration’s ability to make major pandemic decisions, including who needs to get booster shots and when. … So the CDC was tracking all breakthrough infections up until May, and then in May they decided to only track the cases that landed individuals in the hospital. Their rhetoric around the time was that these are the most severe cases, we really only care about the most severe cases because we know that these vaccines are very effective against preventing severe disease and hospitalizations, so they wanted to know which cases were breaking through that barrier. However, a lot of state public health departments say by only tracking hospitalizations it doesn’t really give a clear picture of all the other milder breakthrough infections that are occurring, which can keep people, for example, out of work or sick at home or having them transmitted to the kids….

Mass Psychosis – Dr. Trozzi

If you go along to get along, you might not like how this video talks about mass psychosis, so don’t watch it. If you are someone who researches to find facts and trusts your own logical, rational mind to guide your decisions, you might enjoy this video. Dr. Trozzi wrote:

The science related to covid is very clear. We, who are persistently devoted to critical thinking and resistant to Pavlovian conditioning, see clearly that the covid agenda makes no sense. The fake pandemic, deceptive PCR “test”, social isolation, physical distancing, face muzzling, shuttered businesses, closed churches, mosques, synagogues and concert halls, dangerous nefarious injections, and medical apartheid in the form of “vaccine” passports; all leave us wondering “how can this really be happening? It’s madness!”

It is “dystopian madness” as Dr Francis Christian reminds us. As well as being a skilled and ethical surgeon, Dr Christian is a student of soviet history. The soviet dictators created a dystopian authoritarian world, like the one we see unfolding in Canada today.

How do authoritarians manipulate entire countries into perverse, insane and submissive conditions? Perhaps contemporary authoritarians are using patterns of mass psychological manipulation that have been well thought out, described, and executed in the past. If so, perhaps understanding these processes will help us reverse the process and regain a healthy, happy, logical, and free society.

If there are well known methods to abuse people and create authoritarian states; are there also well-known methods to reverse course?

With these thoughts in mind, I recommend this twenty-minute artistic and intelligent presentation: