Top FBI Official in Charge of Crimes Against Children, Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Children

Tallahassee, FL — Before he was arrested, FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Harris, 51, was tasked with investigating crimes against children, including child sexual abuse material, otherwise known as child pornography. Now, many are wondering if he possibly sought out this position of power to further exploit children as he was charged with multiple crimes against children, including indecency with a child, crimes against nature and sexual battery.

Davis, who lived in Prairieville, Louisiana, was arrested over the summer on sexual assault and other charges relating to a number of victims dating as far back as 2016. Now, he has been charged with more crimes involving children….

Are you starting to see the pattern here?   It’s not random noise.   This is why abandoning your kids to the care of “certified professionals” (whether FBI agents or pediatricians) is probably not a good idea.    Doctors are a very common vector for child abuse of all kinds, not just sex.   And they totally abuse the “proxy consent” doctrine to impose “treatments” which no adult would consent to for themselves.   (circumcision, shock treatment, toxic vaccines etc)

Over time, stable institutions tend to be infiltrated by opportunists bent on exploiting the access they afford to children.    It’s inevitable.   And if the infiltrator is part of a network of predators (“man-boy love association”, acorn society) professional blackmailers and/or satanists (epstein, freemasons), then over time, they will arrange for allies to be hired in similar positions and the institution is permanently occupied.   That’s how these things work.

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