Catherine Austin Fitts Interviews Mark Crispin Miller

“It’s much easier to fool a man than to persuade him that he has been fooled.”  ~ Mark Twain

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Frustrated by increased censorship? Losing time to disinformation? Disinformation can cost people fortunes in terms of assets or time. Disinformation about health and medicine can cost you your life. Dr. Mark Crispin Miller says, “It is easy to spot the propaganda that we don’t like, but not the propaganda we like or agree with!” Given the risks of poor intelligence, we could all benefit from a briefing on propaganda.

Dr. Miller is a Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University (NYU)—one of his most popular classes being on propaganda. Last fall, things took an unexpected turn when, at the beginning of his semester, Dr. Miller used the contradictory policies and science on mask mandates as an example for class debate. I invite you to listen to the unbelievable story of a highly popular professor who has dared to teach critical thinking at a university whose board and neighborhood are dominated by Wall Street, including bankers who were instrumental in crafting—and are profiting richly from—the Going Direct Reset.

Dr. Miller wrote a petition at asking NYU to respect his academic freedom and set a good example for other schools—doing this in the name of all the people who have been gagged for their dissidence for decades. Dr. Miller also started a GoFundMe campaign to support his legal efforts to sue for libel.

Please join Solari in providing support to Dr. Miller. Pray for him, listen to his interview, circulate it, and if you have the means, please donate to his legal effort.

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