Australian Covid Trap Shuts Tighter

An Australian politician told parents that 24,000 children would be ushered into a stadium to receive the experimental COVID-19 shot without their presence.

New South Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Hazzard made the disturbing announcement at a press conference earlier this month, calling the students’ conditional vaccine requirement to get jab to participate in school in the fall as a “golden opportunity.”

“Maybe mum and dad can drop you. Your mum or dad, or one of your family drop you. Make sure they stay outside the arena, because we don’t want too many people obviously milling around inside the arena,” Hazzard said. “Make some arrangements for – after you’ve got your access to that golden opportunity of the vaccination – to wait outside for you.”

Starting last week, students were herded into Sydney Olympic Park by a line of Australian soldiers at the entrance to receive the Pfizer jab.

This comes as Australia extended its lockdowns and mask mandates despite only 8 COVID-related deaths recorded this week and 80% of the population having gotten the shot.

Students are required to get the jab in order to go to school this fall, which the politicians have characterized as the “ticket to freedom.”

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