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Published August 10, 2021
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Latest covid “surge” is only happening because of the vaccines – NaturalNews.com

(Natural News) All of the worst Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “hotspots” around the world are places with very high vaccination rates, the latest data shows.

The United Kingdom, Israel, and Chile, which all have high vaccine uptake due to heavy prodding and draconian impositions from the government, just so happen to have some of the highest numbers of new Chinese Virus “cases,” which is no coincidence.

As it turns out, the most a country is vaccinated for the Fauci Flu, the greater the risk of disease spread. And in countries where vaccine uptake is low, people’s natural immunity is warding off Chinese Germs without the need for an injection.

Researchers from King’s College London put together a project known as the ZOE COVID Study, which tracks Wuhan Flu infection and vaccination rates. This app found that as of July 15, there has been an average of 15,537 new “cases” of symptomatic covid emerging daily among partly or fully vaccinated people living in Great Britain. This represents a whopping 40 percent increase over the week prior, which saw 11,084 new such cases.

Epidemiologist Dr. Tim Spector, M.D., led the study, which found that, conversely, the number of symptomatic “cases” of Chinese Germs among the unvaccinated is going down. In other words, vaccinated people are getting sicker while unvaccinated people are getting healthier, on average.

“With cases in the vaccinated group continuing to rise, the number of new cases in the vaccinated population is set to overtake the unvaccinated in the coming days,” the research team was forced to announce in a press release….


ICAN: FDA eliminates control groups from covid vaccine trials

They’re Destroying the Evidence: Lindell Symposium Reveals Voting Machine Companies Are Wiping Voting Machines Clean in Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Michigan as We Previously Reported

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported — Back in July the election firm ‘Election Source’ notified officials throughout the state of Michigan that they will discreetly break the law by eliminating election data from voting machines on the 15th. 
Attorneys immediately issued them a cease and desist order to prevent this destruction of evidence from happening. 

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn asked the Michigan election officials to do things to cover up the 2020 Election fraud before, so this latest action by Election Source was not so shocking.

Also in July an email was sent to the local election officials in the state from a company called Election Source that performs work on the voting machines in the state.  This company would likely not send any letter like the following to election officials without Secretary of State Benson knowing about it.  In a letter to the election officials around the state, the following was shared:

We will be visiting xxx County on July 15th to perform preventative maintenance on your voting equipment.  There is not an upgrade this time, just preventative maintenance.  During the preventative maintenance, we will be removing the ICX batteries to prevent any issues with the batteries shutting off your machines.  Batteries are not necessary in Michigan due to the fact that we do not use direct-recording electronic voting in our state. “

Attorney Stephanie Lambert shared with Jim Hoft and Patty McMurray from The Gateway Pundit and 100% FedUp that she will be filing a lawsuit to prevent this destruction of evidence:

I’ve been working closely wiht Matt DePerno and with other attorneys and experts, like I said, and we’ve obtained a lot of evidence.  In fact there’s going to be a lawsuit filed in the very near future against Election Source which is a contractor to Dominion.  Matt Deperno sent a cease and desist letter to  Election Source today because there was a letter sent out by Election Source to all of the clerks in Michigan stating that they’re coming to do preventative updates regarding removing a battery in most of the election equipment which is problematic because this would erase data [on those machines].  That’s one piece of what’s happening with Election Source.

… our experts have found security breaches within the Michigan election…

Fast forward to today…

On Tuesday at the Lindell Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Wisconsin Rep. Timothy Ramthun told the audience that Wisconsin officials are also wiping the voting machines clean in the state.

This was after Marilyn Todd from the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group told the audience this was also happening in New Hampshire.

They are destroying the evidence.


Technocrat Scientists Working On Self-Spreading Vaccines

Now we know why the “virus” is apparently not as contagious or as deadly as the “vaccine”. The virus kills people at the ripe old age that the average elderly person historically, statistically, dies in the USA – at 76.8 years – but the new, improved, untested vaccines are killing people in every age group. Those who take “the jab” are the research group.

When will the public notice that too many people have already died from “the jab”?

When will the “scientists” who are working diligently to infect and kill us – from “gain of function” research that makes a common cold or seasonal flu into a pandemic, to “self-spreading, contagious vaccines” – when will those scientists go to Nuremberg – or at least be consciously connected in the minds of the public to Nuremberg, where it was declared illegal to experiment on the public without their fully informed consent?

Who dares to sponsor and pay for these rogue projects? And why? We can only hope their plans fail. May their nefarious projects boomerang and affect only the planners and players in the Covid-19 project. Blessings to everyone who is unaware of the story behind the story, the plan behind the plan.

Scientists Are Blatantly Ignoring Informed Consent

Setting aside the health risks, it’s important to note that scientists and experts who are proposing the use of transmissible vaccines are blatantly ignoring your right to informed consent. This is a federal law,31 which says you have a right to receive information about the treatment you’re undergoing so you can make a well-informed decision about your medical care.

Medical practitioners are bound by ethical and legal obligations to disclose the risks and benefits of medical treatments before you receive them. To meet the legal standard, every person in the U.S., and in fact the world, would have to provide informed consent before a transmissible vaccine is released into the wild…

Much more at https://www.technocracy.news/technocrat-scientists-are-working-on-self-spreading-vaccines/

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1963 List  of “Current Communist Goals” is Becoming a Reality Right Before Our Eyes

The document “Current Communist Goals” lists 45 objectives pursued by the Communists to overthrow America from within. Although this document is over 60 years old, it is more relevant than ever. In fact, everyone should read it right now. Here’s a look at this important list.

currentcommunistgoals The 1963 List "Current Communist Goals" is Becoming a Reality Right Before Our Eyes

On January 10th, 1963, a document titled Current Communist Goals was presented to the US Congress and was added to the Congressional record “under unanimous consent”. It lists 45 goals pursued by the Communists to overthrow America by infiltrating and corrupting its key institutions.

That list is an excerpt from the 1958 book The Naked Communist written by FBI special agent Cleon Skousen. Reading it today is as mind-blowing as it is troubling. While some points are somewhat outdated – especially those concerning geopolitics – most of them are, today, more relevant than ever.

While going through this list, one cannot help but realize that many goals have been fully achieved several years ago. Others are being aggressively pursued right before our eyes…

More, including the list in full, at https://vigilantcitizen.com/vc-resources/how-this-1963-list-of-communist-goals-is-becoming-a-reality-right-before-our-eyes/

Organ harvesting of aborted and post-term babies

(Natural News) Everything we have been warning about for years concerning the government’s aborted baby body parts racket is finally going mainstream, thanks to the diligent work of independent investigative groups like Judicial Watch.

It has now been revealed that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) funneled at least $2.7 million to the University of Pittsburgh to stock a tissue bank with organs from aborted babies, many of which were still alive when the harvesting took place.

For trying to get people’s attention about this in the past, Natural NewsInfowars, and many other independent news outlets were banned from social media and accused of spreading “conspiracy theories.” Now, however, it is an undeniable fact that the government and academia are colluding together to murder unborn or just-born babies in order to harvest and sell their body parts for profit.

Back in 2019, Alex Jones of Infowars appeared on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast to talk about how aborted baby organ harvesting works. He was immediately labeled a “conspiracy theorist,” which is certainly nothing new for him – or us – even though he and us have now been proven to be right all along.

NewsweekRawstory, and numerous other fake news outlets ran hateful headlines accusing Jones and others of having a “conspiracy theory meltdown” and an “irrational ragegasm” over “abortions for organ harvesting.” They now all have egg on their face.

University of Pittsburgh admits to murdering live babies for their organs

Pitt’s alleged interest in the process has to do with a research endeavor called the GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project, or GUDMAP, which is detailed in hundreds of pages of public documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

The school received millions, and even requested more than that, to “create a pipeline for the acquisition, quality control, and distribution of human genitourinary [urinary and genital organs and functions] samples gathered throughout development (6-42 weeks gestation).” Forty-two weeks into pregnancy, by the way, is 10 months, which is longer than the normal pregnancy duration of nine months.

This means that Pitt is “collecting fetal tissue” from already born children, who are being murdered for “research” purposes using American taxpayer dollars. And this has been going on since at least 2005, according to Pitt’s own admissions to the HHS.

Pitt admits that for the past 16 years, at least, it has been collecting “liver, heart, gonads, legs, brain, genitourinary tissues including kidneys, ureters, and bladders” from murdered babies, both in the womb and outside of it.

Pitt has also been involved with sick experiments involving the grafting of murdered baby scalps with “full-thickness human skin” onto mice, which we covered back in 2019…..


RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out covid medical kidnappings

(Natural News) The vast majority of (oblivious) Americans have dismissed all this as a “conspiracy theory,” and now they’re shocked and frightened by the realization that covid internment camps are being actively deployed across America.

On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due process or respect for civil rights. Individuals can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

In other words, FEMA-style concentration camps are here, and covid is the excuse for mass arrests and executions of Americans.

These are, of course, death camps being constructed and operated under the cover of the covid plandemic, which we have exhaustively shown is rooted in junk science fraud and media psychological operations.

The Tennessee EO is on top of the CDC’s announcement that covid camps will be set up on a nationwide basis, with people being medically kidnapped and taken to “humanitarian settings” where they will be forced into labor pools, just like a scene ripped right out of Nazi Germany.,,,