Police State 4 – The Rise Of FEMA

Police State 4 – The Rise Of FEMA is a 2010 documentary by Alex Jones.
Alex shares with us a series of executive orders that have been written and put into law by past Presidents over the decades which ultimately gave the Federal Emergency Management Agency a tremendous amount of power. The power to create a police state in the United States.

Media Claims 60% of Americans Are Vaxxed, But Data Shows Real Number Is Closer to 32%

According to the CDC, 60.8% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and over 80% of seniors have taken the jab. The Kaiser Family Foundation gathered data from 2415 counties and reported that, as of May 11, an average of 28.5% of people living in counties that Trump carried were vaccinated, while 35% of people living in counties carried by Biden were vaccinated, which averages out to about 32%. The government and the media are pushing hard to encourage vaccination, because the real number is much lower than reported. Increasingly, people are deciding not to take the injections. The federal government has purchased a total of 1.41-billion doses, of which only about 405-million doses had been distributed to states by August 6, 2021. The feds have committed to purchase another 562-million doses from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson by the end of 2021. Another 500-million doses were purchased to send to low-income nations. This is an incredible windfall to the vaccine makers, but impossible to justify in view of the low demand. Millions of doses that have been delivered to states will reach their expiration date at the end of August. -GEG


According to the CDC, 60.8% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and over 80% of seniors have taken the jab.[1] Hospitals are telling their employees that over 70% of staff have been vaccinated and at least one airline reports that almost all pilots have been vaccinated. The state-controlled media reports daily that the vaccine rate is very high – just not high enough, which is why continued pressure is needed to convince more people to get in line and get the jab. These reports have led many unvaccinated people to conclude that they are in the minority….

Some Real Numbers

The Kaiser Family Foundation gathered data from 2415 counties and reported that as of May 11, an average of 28.5% of people living in counties that Trump carried were fully vaccinated, while 35% of people living in counties carries by Biden were fully vaccinated.[8] It looks like the administration added these two numbers together in order to report good news about vaccine uptake rather than taking the average of the two which is under 32%. These data were collected less than a month before DeWine started scrambling to get the numbers up in Ohio.

By July reports of expiring vaccine stockpiles started appearing even in mainstream news, and state health departments started asking the federal government to send their vaccines to foreign countries so that they would not go to waste.

Robert Ator, a retired colonel in the Arkansas Air National Guard is in charge of his state’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution drive, and reported, “We’re drowning in this stuff. It’s starting to get a bit silly…”[9] The problem is widespread, with CDC data showing that states have administered 52.36 million fewer doses than were distributed to them.[10]

Marcus Plescia is chief medical officer at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. He says, “We’re seeing demand falling off across all the states. It’s not like, if Connecticut doesn’t need theirs, it can go to Alabama. There just isn’t the demand.”[11]



Ryan Cole, MD

A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people


UN Climate Report Author Says “People Are Starting to Get Scared” & This Will Change the Way They “Vote”

One of the authors of the United Nations IPCC report who focused on “extreme” consequences of man-made global warming lauded the fact that “people are starting to get scared” about climate change and that this would “affect the way they vote.”

Yesterday, the UN released a hysterical report which enjoyed saturation media coverage warning of a “code red” ecological apocalypse if humanity didn’t drastically alter its way of living.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, humans are “unequivocally” to blame, with U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres calling for a total end to the use of coal and fossil fuels.

However, the true agenda behind the fearmongering was betrayed by one of the authors of the report, Jim Kossin, who helped write one of the chapters on “extremes.”

“I think more and more people are starting to get scared,” said Kossin, adding, “I think that’ll help to change people’s attitudes. And hopefully that’ll affect the way they vote.” …


Alex Jones interviews Ben Livingston, the Father of Weaponized Weather

Did the Pentagon’s Manipulation of Hurricane Florence Fail or Succeed?

Evidence for Microwave Beam Weapons at Paradise CA

CDC COVID Document Discussed Relocating “High Risk” Individuals to “Camps”

The CDC published a COVID-19 planning document that suggested relocating “high-risk individuals” to “green zones” or “camps” in order to keep them away from the rest of the population.

Yes, really.

The document is called Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings and was originally published on the CDC’s official website on July 26, 2020.

The purpose of the strategy document is “to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (“high-risk”) and the general population (“low-risk”).”

According to the CDC, in order to achieve this, “High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.”

The shielding approach would take “high-risk” individuals, meaning older people or people with underlying health conditions, and set about “physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population.”

These high-risk individuals would be relocated to “camps,” meaning “shelters such as schools, community buildings” where as many as 50 individuals would be held in each “green zone” where “no movement into or outside the green zone” would be allowed.

The document takes into account considerations on hosuing “different ethnicities, socio-cultural groups, or religions” within such “green zones”.

“Isolation/separation from family members, loss of freedom and personal interactions may require additional psychosocial support structures/systems,” states the document, noting that those who are isolated may face “stigmatization.”

The summary at the end of the document warns that “compliance” may be an issue when isolating people in such a manner because while “the shielding approach is not meant to be coercive, it may appear forced or be misunderstood in humanitarian settings.”

Commentator Candace Owens didn’t hold back when expressing her concerns about the implications of the document.

“Holy shit. The CDC actually put together a document to discuss putting high risk people into camps to “shield” low risk people from them,” she tweeted.

“No— this is not a joke, and yes, every single person who has made a reference to 1930’s Germany is vindicated.”


Covid Sheep uUnder Martial Law

The establishment of permanent martial law is accelerating as the sheep accept whatever their government masters implore them to do with soft persuasion. The sheep have become accustomed to accepting the order to inject themselves with an experimental therapeutic. Regardless that fully vaccinated countries are spiraling out of control with Covid hospitalizations of the vaccinated. And adverse reactions that include death continue to skyrocket.

A Desperate Message From The REAL Medical Community

Doctors worldwide are being censored as the truth about the vaccines is exposed. This has been going on since the pandemic arrived in its pre fabricated condition from the eugenicists overseeing the culling of the population. But the Hippocratic Oath will not be denied or die so easily. And the tsunamai of professionalism can’t be simply extinguished by the arbiters of arrogance and hypocrisy.