10 Best Pandemic Movies & What is Pre-Programming?

Pre-programming is a mind-control trick that plants a shocking thought in your mind that you will dwell on so that it will add your energy to the direction of that thought. Pre-programming is, for all practical purposes, hypnotic suggestion.

Some think pre-programming is divine prediction but it is not; it is the plans the “elite” have for us. Of themselves, they can’t pull off their dastardly plans, for there are very few of them, but if we take to heart what they reveal in movies and books and such, that gives them (in their minds) permission to carry out their plans and adds your energy to theirs. They want and need our mental energy to help them push their plans through to fruition.

How to thwart their plans? Don’t watch movies, TV and music videos, etc that depict a world you don’t want to see, a life you don’t want to live. Say, “cancel, cancel” if those kinds of thoughts go through your mind. Or say, “I do NOT consent”… or “NO ONE has MY permission…” and end the statement with what it is you don’t want in your world, your life, such as war, abuse, trickery, misery, insincerity, dishonesty, pain, corruption, fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, etc. Then affirm what you really want: a life filled with safety, ease, unconditional love, genuine friends, prosperity, joy, and so on. Dwell on those things. Everything good, beautiful and true is your birthright.

It may feel like we’re living in an alternate reality. Here’s how the state of our world stacks up against imaginary ones.

pandemic movies

Films about widespread viruses, plagues, and diseases used to be categorized as “horror” or “fantasy,” but they’re hitting a lot closer to home these days. While there hasn’t been a zombie invasion or an alien-borne pathogen (yet!!), COVID-19 has made us see pandemic movies in a whole new light. We took a look back at some standouts—yes, including Contagion—and compared those fictional universes to our own. Our conclusion? We either need a time machine or Brad Pitt to fix this. Or, you know, a vaccine could work too.

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