Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon videos online

(Natural News) Back in the fall, a group called We the Patriots USA held a special health freedom event called the Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon that we are proud to announce has been fully uploaded to the web in 33 parts for your viewing convenience.

Featuring powerful talks from big names like Del Bigtree, Alvin Moss, Theresa Wrangham, James Lyons-Weiler, Sherri Tenpenny, Kevin Barry, Jim Mermigis, Theresa Deisher, Mary Holland, and many more, the Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon is your one-stop-shop for all things related to vaccines – and the best part is that it is completely free to watch at your own pace.

This treasure trove of discussions about vaccines is filled with eye-opening facts and groundbreaking information that you will never hear from the establishment media or mainstream medicine.

Put together in conjunction with the Connecticut Freedom Alliance, the Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon is a true labor of love and gift to the world. It features dozens of hours of vaccine truth gems dropped straight onto your computer, with no need for a subscription.

“We the Patriots USA is a national organization,” the founder of the group says. “We have as our mission in common (with the Connecticut Freedom Alliance), one of our missions in common, is raising awareness about medical freedom and parental rights and fighting for them.”

Parents: Don’t jab your children

“JCherry,” the head of the Connecticut Freedom Alliance, first got involved with spreading vaccine truth after her first son became seriously injured after getting the full schedule of vaccinations in accordance with government recommendations.

This sent JCherry on a mission to learn more about vaccines, which later when she got remarried and had more children prompted her to just say no to dangerous chemical injections.

JCherry remained a strong proponent of the human immune system after that, allowing her subsequent children to grow up healthy and normal. After her divorce, however, things changed.

JCherry’s adolescent children suddenly wanted to get vaccinated – and her ex-husband wanted them to as well – after the mainstream media started pumping out propaganda about a slew of alleged measles outbreaks. The family came to an agreement that the children could get vaccinated if they wanted to, which like the first time around with JCherry’s firstborn son had a disastrous outcome.

One of JCherry’s daughters became seriously injured by the chickenpox vaccine, which left her with an autoimmune disease and extreme mental health problems. Following this incident, JCherry was determined to help other parents not make the same mistakes she did.

“I really am so upset with myself for ignoring my intuition,” JCherry laments, wishing she could go back in time and stick to her guns against vaccination.

“If there’s anything I can say to all the moms and dads out there, stick to your guns because there’s nothing you can do to change that,” she says.

All of the horrors she has had to endure with her own children is what drove JCherry to help put together the Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon. This was her opportunity to let it be known that vaccines are not safe, nor are they effective.

One of the speakers at the event spoke about nanoparticles of aluminum that lodge within the brain post-vaccination. This is a threat that exists from most childhood vaccines, and possibly from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections that are now being pushed on innocent children all around the world.

Don’t miss the Vaccine Safety Awareness Marathon, especially if you have or are thinking of having children and have not yet vaccinated them.

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CDC Knew COVID Vaccinated Would Spread the Virus, Expected Sharply Rising Deaths Beginning in May

The Washington Post has secured an internal, confidential CDC document showing the CDC not only was aware that the COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t going to work in some people — coined “breakthrough cases” — but that they also knew that “primary vaccine failure” would occur among the immunocompromised and elderly.

Not only that, they also knew that “Delta variant vaccine breakthrough cases may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases.”

The PDF documents, available on the Post’s website as a PDF slide presentation, also show that the CDC expected more vaccine-failure cases as more people were vaccinated. Even so, in boldface type, the CDC slide presentation said it was important to describe those cases as “rare” or a “small percentage” of the total cases — and to recommend universal masking to reduce as the answer to the breakthrough cases.

“At current incidence, 35,000 symptomatic infections per week among 162 million vaccinated Americans,” one slide with graphs says. Deaths in vaccinated individuals were also predicted to rise sharply, beginning in May 2021.

The documents are stamped “CONFIDENTIAL” in red capital letters.


The Washington Post July 29, 2021

The Washington Post July 29, 2021

Coincidence: Covid Vaccination Reports From the Field Will Be Delayed

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs order on mask, vaccine mandates

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates or COVID-19 vaccine requirements from government agencies and municipalities statewide.

Abbott issued the order Thursday, two days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended indoor mask mandates, regardless of vaccination status, in places with at least 50 confirmed COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over the previous seven days.

“To further ensure that no governmental entity can mandate masks, the following requirement shall continue to apply: No governmental entity, including a county, city, school district, and public health authority, and no governmental official may require any person to wear a face-covering or to mandate that other person wear a covering,” the executive order read….